Jan. 2: I promise I won't test forever.

OK, blog test #2. Formatting and links and photos, oh my!
Here's a picture of my keyboard.

Like I said, it's an Apple(ish) keyboard and there are things about it that confuse me. For instance, it's been years since I've used a Mac--decades, actually--and I cannot remember what this key does: ⌘
My friend Lafe just fell over in shame that I have forgotten about the ⌘. Sorry, Lafe.
I have a feeling that it's a magical key (impressive italics there, no?). I bet it's the secret behind the curly apostrophes and quotes. I bet it lets me travel back in time. I bet it cures cancer.
Or maybe it's just a stoopid ⌘ and doesn't do anything. The enter key is all kinds of helpful for typewriter-trained peeps, as it says "enter" AND "return." But the backspace key says "delete" and that is way wrong. The "Del" key right above it--which seems like it might be a delete key and not a backspace key--just turns off my screen and makes me shout swears.
Since Fancy Lori and Michael Menger were so helpful in defining the word "scree" for me, I hope one of my other two readers can help me with that ⌘ thing and all the other things that anger me about this Apple(ish) keyboard.
Blockquote time!
These were Michael's suggestions for using "scree" in a sentence:
"If I fall off a cliff, I'll die in the scree."
"If life is a cliff to climb, I'm still in the scree."
"Sure, I'd wingsuit off a cliff, but those screes look like they could cut you up." (*bonus plural usage*)
"I went trick-or-treating last year and all I got was some scree." (Charlie Brown on Scree)
"The economy is stuck in the scree."

Picture time!
My kids are enjoying Siri and love to ask her the same questions repeatedly. Usually they ask her some variation of "Siri, are you gay?"--she's quite coy with her answers, too; I love her!--but this conversation made me chuckle:

Link time!
Here's a link to something that will make you happy: Amazon. (What, I'm the only person who loves Amazon? Or maybe I'm just too lazy to find a useful thing to link to right now. Shut up.)
I can't get my signature image below to un-center. I'm gonna go all Hulk on this setup if it doesn't start behaving soon. Maybe I will throw it off a cliff just to watch it land in the scree below. (How'd I do?)

- I posted this from my iPad using BlogPress and that's why it's all farked up.

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