Jan. 16: Kiddie drugs

Medications I remember LOVING:

  1. St. Joseph Baby Aspirin. Who didn't enjoy a headache with this stuff around??? That subtle sweet orangey flavor was simply divine.
  2. The plaque-revealing red pills handed out on swish-swash day at school. They tasted a little weird, but it looked so cool to have a totally "bloody" mouth.
  3. Phenergan syrup. There was a big bottle of this in our medicine cabinet and I used to sneak a sip once in a while. It was a little grape-y, and so sweet and yummy.
  4. Flintstone vitamins. Our mom wouldn't get these because they were "full of sugar!" but I would sneak them on babysitting gigs. They'd get stuck in my back teeth and I could still taste them hours later.
  5. Tofranil. These teeny tiny triangular pills were prescribed to make me stop peeing the bed. They worked, but only because they kept me awake all night. The coating on them was super sweet but if I sucked on them too long I'd taste the bitter inside. Bleah.

Icky crap I remember HATING:

  1. The vitamins Mom made us take instead of Flintstone vitamins.
  2. Real aspirin, or any other "adult" medicine.
  3. The revolting syrup Mom gave us for stomachaches. It tasted like sour prunes.
  4. Anything administered by syringe. No thank you.

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