Jan. 8: It's called "frivolous litigation"

Oh my word. Some people just piss me right off.

About 15 years ago I broke a tooth when I chomped on something rock-like in a hamburger in Disneyland. After months of interviews by all sorts of Disney representatives, investigations by the patty distributor, bun distributor, and fry cook, Disney could not find any proof that the rock thing came from their food (I guess my four dining companions were unreliable witnesses???). Still, as a "good customer service gesture" they paid my dental expenses. I was perfectly fine with this outcome. Breaking my tooth didn't ruin my day at Disneyland, I didn't have to pay anything to have it fixed, and even though it took quite a long time to get everything resolved, I never felt like they weren't taking me seriously. (Moral of the story: if you bite into something and you think it might have broken a tooth, spit it out immediately. It'll be easier for everyone involved.)

Apparently not everyone is happy with an outcome such as mine. Some people want lots of attention and sympathy, and goddess knows what else. This idiot says Tigger intentionally punched his nerdy kid and now he's telling his sob story to anyone who will listen.

First of all, it clearly looks like an accident, but even so, it's obvious this guy just wants Disney to give him a bunch of money. What a jackass. This is the kind of stuff we want to teach our kids??? Who cares if it's an accident? Who cares if you're not hurt? They're Disney--let's make them pay!

Here's the footage from CBS News, including an interview with the dad, kid, and attorney (can't you see the dollar signs in that dude's eyes???). And you know before the interview they had a little pow-wow with the kid over what he should say when they ask how he's feeling. "Oh, the pain! I got inadvertently hit by a stuffed animal three days ago and now I'm in traction and I can barely move but I got my Demerol so it's all good. That's all I really wanted anyway."

I gotta side with Disney on this one, folks. I mean, if the dude inside Tigger really did punch the kid and it really was unprovoked, then Disney definitely needs to apologize (if nothing else). My goodness, even if it was provoked, he shouldn't have done it. But it doesn't look intentional at all. It looks like... well, I don't know what it looks like, but I know one thing: these weenies are money-grubbing a-holes, and the kid's going to grow up to be one too.

People make me hate them.

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  1. Oh come on, Jen, suppose it was a guy in say, a . . . taco sandwich board. You'd want free taco's for life. Admit it. You have a thing for Walt. I've always known it. I think you're a Walt-ite. Who else agrees????


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