Jan. 31: Ailments and silliness and cell phones, oh my!

Given the volume of comments after my last post, I can clearly see that I am incredibly popular and widely read. Thank you so much!! And Lori, I love you best of all.

Everyone at Manullang Manor is sick, and no one can decide if he/she has the flu or a cold. It sucks to be anyone living in or visiting our house right now. The dogs aren't minding it too much because they have so many options for cuddle buddies with all of us laying around like slugs. But otherwise... bleah.

Our niece Presley is the cutest thing EVER. Here's the latest from Sally: A few nights ago while Daryl and I were reading Presley a good night story we started talking to each other about something else so Presley said, "Mom, Dad, I really need you to focus right now." That same night we were talking about "Over The Hedge" and what the characters were named. I said the turtle was named "Vern" and then said, "I used to work with a guy named Vern." Presley promptly said, "I used to work with a guy named Hammy."

Am I right? She's a kick, and even more so in person.

You know how much I love gadgets, so it should be no surprise that I have to blog about my new phone. It's super cool. It is not necessarily the phone itself that is so super cool, but the fact that it does something besides drop calls, which is pretty much all my last one did. My grandma got my old phone and even though we programmed all the important contacts into it and have simplified instructions as much as possible, she has still called my mom asking to talk to my sister. Also, she was disgusted to have received a wrong number and after hanging up, loudly announced, "They were Mexican," as though that explained the whole thing. Of course, this was in the middle of lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I'm pretty sure there ended up being a large amount of waitstaff saliva and other bodily fluids in her food. I'm also pretty sure I don't ever want to get that old or racist. Anyway, back to my phone! Um... I already said everything there is to say.

Today is the day Disney Cruise Line finally releases dates and rates for its 7-day Mexican Riviera cruises in the summer of 2008. The Jordans and Manullangs plan to be on one, or even better, the 15-day repositioning cruise through the Panama Canal. I'm a little nervous about the idea of spending 15 days straight with Mickey & Friends... I mean, I don't know if even I could take that.

My head is pounding, my throat hurts, I'm coughing up goo, and my head really is pounding. Gotta nap. Lovies--


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