Nov. 1: Halloween ‘09

ScoutI wore my tin foil hat while passing out candy last night, and it totally protected me from aliens because LOOK, I’m still here! And my brain is the same! (I almost said my brain is “perfectly normal,” but I’m pretty sure that’s never been true.)

Jack was wearing the hat around this morning until he sensed aliens were trying to get at Scout’s brain. He quickly put the hat on her, and she sat there for a good two minutes or so. I was eating breakfast at the time, and she was completely focused on that; I think she would’ve tolerated anything for the chance that I might drop a tiny tidbit of food. We took her outside, then, and—with the help of doggie treats—we got a picture. Such a silly girl.

We tried to put the hat on Casey, but her head’s a lot smaller and her body’s too wiggly to keep it on anyway. Maybe we’ll try when she’s sleeping. I’d make a smaller hat just for her, but what a complete waste of effort and foil! Most the time I think aliens are controlling her anyway, and no amount of tin foil is gonna change that.

It was perfect weather for trick-or-treating last night; it was actually warm (for here, for this time of year), and although it rained hard yesterday morning, the skies were dried up by afternoon. We had tons of t-o-t’ers. Some were bewildered by my hat. Either that, or they were jealous, and fearful that if they didn’t get home and make a tin foil hat for themselves soon, aliens would eat THEIR brains. My favorite part of answering the door was hearing kids run back to their parents, saying, “That was Mrs. Manullang!” or “That was Katie’s/Jack’s mom!” ‘Course, I didn’t know who the masked kids were, so I wasn’t sure if they were mini-stalkers or friendly types. Or aliens! To be on the safe side, I took candy out of their bags while pretending to put some in, because that’s what they get for wearing masks, and that oughta learn ‘em to ask for free candy at our house. Halloween is sooo much fun.

Wait, NO! My favorite part of Halloween was trick-or-treating at Grandpa & Grandma’s house! Katie and Jack got candy, but Vic and I got cottage cheese loaf and potatoes. (And yes, Dina, I got the recipe—I’ll share it soon.)

Katie wore her witch costume again this year, and Jack went as Harry Potter. I drew a lightning bolt on his forehead, but his hair’s so thick, you couldn’t even see it. Still, he looked the part:

Katie and Jack, Halloween '09

And a short trip down memory lane of some of my favorite costumes over the years:

Halloween '06
A very fancy Jack Sparrow and wig-hating Ariel, Halloween ‘06

halloween 05
Here, Jack was Captain Hook and Katie was Dory from Finding Nemo. Everyone thought she was a bird. Halloween ‘05

halloween03a    halloween03b
Minnie and Mickey, Halloween ‘03

Halloween '02
Jack’s first Halloween—2002

Katie Ladybug '01
She actually doesn’t hate this as much as it appears. Halloween ‘01


Halloween '00
Katie’s first Halloween—2000

Here’s hoping you had a great Halloween too!



  1. Everyone of those are my adorable grandkiddies AND granddog!

  2. ohhh love the adorable trip down memory lane, too freaking cute!


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