Nov. 7: There’s an app for that

Time for another list of iPhone applications without which I cannot possibly live.

Brief digression: I just searched my blog for all the previous iPhone apps I’ve recommended and I didn’t find any. This has to be wrong, because I know I wrote a list once upon a time; does the Blogger search function really suck that much? I found a few applications I had written about, but none that I had installed and loved so much that I forced my friends to get them too. However, I did find the post I wrote in April 2009 in which I announced my iPhone purchase, and after reading it again, the following are points that I find worth making:

  • I still hate the iPhone ringtone options.
  • Outlook notes can now be synced.
  • I figured out how to organize my phone’s photos.
  • The invisibleSHIELD solved many of my fingerprint frustrations.
  • I’ve adjusted to the touch keyboard and now text like a champ. Yay me.
  • I’m super-pissed at reading about my high hopes for our new, fancy mattress that had been delivered the morning I wrote the post. It did nothing to help my back pain. I’ve slept on it just a handful of times. FML.
  • I met up with Ed for dinner soon after I got my iPhone—I specifically remember asking him lots of questions, because at that point I was feeling overwhelmed with its features. This past Thursday night, when Ed and I got together for dinner again, we were trying to remember how long it had been since our last date, and figured about a year had gone by, which is shameful. When I read this post just now, I was relieved to find that it had actually been only six months! Still shameful, but we apparently are NOT each other’s worst friends. Whew.

Back to the iPhone application recommendations.

  • I still like Twitterific as my Twitter app. Honestly, though, I twitter so rarely anymore that it’d have to really suck for me not to put up with it. I’ve noticed a lot of other Twitter apps being used and for all I know they could be much, much better. For me, though, Twitterific works just fine. FREE.
  • AroundMe uses your location to let you search and find nearby restaurants, stores, etc. It’s handy and easy to use, and more accurate than Nigel Fingerbottom (our British-accented, pompous Garmin GPS). FREE.
  • Pandora Radio is personalized music fun. FREE.
  • Concerts (by iLike). Ed just told me about this one. It shows all upcoming concerts in the area, and since I’m not the newspaper reader I used to be (and tend to find out about concerts long after they’re sold out or over), I LOVE it. FREE.
  • Triazzle. It’s a challenging puzzle game that requires a great deal of concentration and strategy. We’ve had real Triazzle puzzles and I enjoy them. The iPhone version “comes to life” when the correct pieces are matched up. $2.99, although there’s a free “lite” version.
  • Toy Story Photo Hunt. This is like that Highlights Magazine thing where you find the differences in two pictures. I just checked for the price on iTunes and it wasn’t there. The game was advertised as a promotional thing for the recent re-release of the Toy Story movies; maybe it was just temporarily available? Too bad for you.
  • Skee-Ball (by Gravick FreeVerse). Realistic and waaaay fun. Earn tickets and redeem them for crappy loot, just like at Chuck E. Cheese and Great Wolf Lodge! Only 99¢.
  • HuffPost. This is the iPhone version of the Huffington Post. Free.

The other iPhone apps I enjoy but could probably live without:

  • Scrabble. $4.99
  • Yahtzee Adventures. Fun variations on the classic dice game. $2.99
  • Wurdle. Boggle-like game. $1.99
  • Wikipanion (free) is a lite version of Wikipanion Plus ($4.99). The plus version has a queue that’s perfect for reading a wiki—pretty cool.

Writing these up makes me think it’d be even more valuable if I kept track of the applications I download/install and then immediately delete. Oh well. Are there any iPhone applications you adore? Please share!


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  1. I like (in no particular order)
    USA Today - gotta have the sanitized news

    Amazon Kindle - reading books,,, good

    Flixster - movie info also good

    Facebook - no explanation given nor needed.

    Sportacular - allows me to keep up on sports while doing family stuff. Multi-tasking for the sports guy...

    Evernote - I should use this one much more, very useful for a forgetful old man.

    TweetDeck - I like the sync to computer feature

    Drinks Free - what can I say? Sometimes you have a shot or two of some random booze left and no clue what to make with it...

    Bejewled 2 - king of the time wasters - I used to own this on my old color Palm...

    Suduku - killin time on airplanes

    Those are the ones I use the most - I liked your list and have d/l a couple of your suggestions.



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