Nov. 13: Friday

I should have had a post all ready to go today, but I didn’t because I’m the worst mom in the entire world.

Happy birthday, Jack-Jack!

Yes, today is my baby’s eighth birthday. So far the biggest change in his life as an eight-year-old is getting rid of the booster seat in the car. He purposely took his time getting ready for school this morning so I would drive him because that meant he could ride like a grown-up. What he didn’t realize is that the Jetta seats are really low, and without the booster seat he can’t see out the windows very well. Is this the time to point out that life is full of good things that have down sides, and vice versa? Because BOY HOWDY, could I lecture on THAT for a while.

I’ll try to post photos of The Boy tomorrow. His party is at 2:00, and we’ve got lots to do to prepare for it. If I’m still sitting upright by the time everyone’s gone, I might even post party photos. I gotta say, though, I hope I will not still be sitting upright late tomorrow afternoon. In fact, I kinda hope that I’m passed out by then. From all the fun. And even more so from the alcohol.

This morning I woke up with an intense headache. This was after being awake from 3 a.m. until whenever I finally fell asleep again. I think it was around 5. I had appointments and errands all morning, and thought I might be able to ignore the headache away, but it was not to be. My head’s still pounding.

My long-awaited appointment with the rheumatologist was one of the things on my to-do list this morning. It went very well. We are on a new track with treating my back pain and that’s the best news of all. Of course, it’ll be another week or more before there’s really any difference to be seen (felt), but just knowing there’s possibly an end in sight? Pretty. Effin’. Awesome.

Oh, and I came this close to smashing a cyclist in the parking garage at the hospital. Vic asked if it was Dr. [BadCyclingHabitsGuy], and I said I didn’t know, but it was almost one of those “Physician, heal thyself” moments. He was riding up the ramp, in the left lane, around a blind corner. Hm... Did he deserve to be smashed? Probably. I didn’t realize immediately that he’d been riding stupidly, just that suddenly he was sprawled on my hood. Well, not so much “sprawled” as “still on his bike,” but when you almost smash a cyclist, details can get fuzzy. I was all ready to get out and apologize all over myself, but the guy just kept going. Maybe he was embarrassed, assumed if I got out of the car that I’d yell at him? I don’t know. Thank goodness it was nothing more than a close call. Also, the blood washed right off my bumper, so this is all our little secret, okay Internet?

I need to sleep off this headache or I’ll be super-duper grouchy when those eight noisy LEGO-lovin’ party boys get here tomorrow. ‘Night.



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