Nov. 26: Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are my Thanksgiving wishes for you:

  • That if you’re traveling, you are safe
  • That you’re surrounded on this special day by people who love you and who you love back
  • That you have the tastiest of mashed potatoes to enjoy today and tomorrow and the next day, with enough gravy to last as long as they do
  • That you have a neighbor like Random Sunshine who you could totally run down the street and hug if you wanted to—because you know you want to
  • That you are easily reminded of the things for which you are thankful, not just today but every day
  • That you won’t feel the least bit guilty for everything you’re about to eat
  • That you (or someone else) made your favorite Thanksgiving dessert
  • That you get to teach your daughter how to make Grandma’s pumpkin pie today (which is what I’m doing), or something equally special and memorable
  • That even if you’re cooking and/or hosting for a big group of people today, that you’re able to relax enough to enjoy Thanksgiving
  • That you have family and friends as fabulous as my family and friends—I am so grateful for them today, especially for a select few (you know who you are!)
  • That those Bumpus dogs don’t live next door and get to your turkey before you do because that would totally suck if you had to have Thanksgiving dinner at a Chinese restaurant

The thoughts I’m planning NOT to indulge today:

  • Biopsy results I won’t get until tomorrow—and oh my goodness, I hope that calls comes when it’s supposed to
  • How glad I am that my dad isn’t here to go through this waiting game with me (he did not deal with that kind of thing well)… though what I wouldn’t give for one of his big hugs right now
  • How much I wish I could be with my seester and mom today
  • How much my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad doctor needs to have a doctor who’s as ignorant and careless as he is—but I’m resisting that idea today only, and just because I’m being nice
  • That weird dream I had last night about my mom remarrying the a-hole—I sure hope all that anesthesia is out of my system and I can stop with the hallucinations because that was truly a nightmare for everyone involved
  • How if we were at the Stately Lassen Manor we wouldn’t miss a moment of the parade or football or SVU marathon because there’s a TV in every freakin’ room in the house—of course, they’re not even there themselves today, so it’d be kinda weird if we were

Many lovies to you all today!



  1. Jen - wishing your T-day wishes back at you! Lovies from the Jordans!

  2. And, of course, you're welome to the Lassen home. You could really enjoy it without all the annoying Lassen's (them not me) around.

    SO thankful for and everyday.


  3. Just what sort of poison did you eat before retiring last night to give you such a nightmare??? Stay away from ALL drugs that you took the last 24 hours before sleep!

    I wish I were there to hug you today. I love you, Sweetheart!

  4. Lemme just say that if your (our) mom DID marry an asshole AGAIN, it'd be the last thing she'd do. I have no tolerance for assholes. And I won't shut up, internalize and pretend I likey just to keep the peace. Well, not for that anyway. So no worries on that front.


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