Nov. 13: It’s Saturday

Life is still leaning toward “suckage,” but here and there I’ve been blessed with things that make me oh-so-happy. I’m glad to have something to write about that doesn’t involve me kvetching non-stop. You probably are too.

  • whine-one-oneOne of my favorite authors, Armistead Maupin, was at Powell’s last night and I went to see/hear him. It was my third time to see him in Portland, and my second time to see him with my good friend Ed. I don’t get to see Ed nearly as often as I should (that would be approximately every minute of every day), and our last-minute plan to meet up for the reading made my day. Yay! Maupin’s newest book, Mary Ann in Autumn, is (basically) the eighth in the Tales of the City series, and as this is one of my favorite book series, I’m thrilled to have another one to read. If you’ve read the first six books, you know that Mary Ann goes from charming and likeable to a total bitch; I look forward to seeing where Armistead takes her in this book. I think it’ll be good.
  • Today is Jack’s ninth birthday. How that kid got so old so fast, I don’t know. He was kind of a spaz today, and I had to keep reminding myself why I love him, because more than once, I wanted to send him outside to play in the traffic. He planned most of his birthday party this year, and although he originally asked for another rainbow cake, I talked him down to two layers/colors and he was happy. Whew.
  • I’m pretty sure if we stopped talking about Kanye West that he’d go away. Who’s with me?
  • We’re going to Sunriver next week. It’s been a long time since we’ve been anywhere, and I’m determined that this trip will be all relaxing and lovely. I can hardly wait.
  • My back has been killing me the last couple weeks. I don’t have trouble sleeping (hooray for my new sleeping drugs), but the walking/standing/working stuff is sometimes unbearable. On top of that, I have the general achiness of the flu, but none of the other normal flu symptoms. Also, I’m supa-grouchy.
  • I did the PTO’s taxes this week. We normally have a CPA do them, but I decided to try it this year, and I got them done all on my own, like a pro. I’m totally patting my own back, I know. It was actually a little bit fun. Because we’re a 501(c)(3), the forms were different than most I’ve worked with, and the information they asked for made it challenge-y. Yes, “challenge-y” is too a weird, Fancy Lori™.
  • My PET/CT scan is Tuesday. Cross your fingers for me, please. We don’t want to see O.J. anymore. We don’t want to see him EVER AGAIN.

That’s enough for now.


  1. So when the IRS comes lookin' for the PTO for misappropriation of funds, it will be your butt they'll haul off to prison? You ARE a brave woman!

    I am so looking forward to the confirmation that OJ has indeed left the building. You will hear my yelp of joy all the way across the miles...


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