Nov. 15: Daybook

In the interest of trying to find some normalcy in my life, I’m attempting a plain ol’ blog post. You can watch TV if you get bored.


Outside my window... it’s getting to the part of fall I do not enjoy—the mess of slippery, wet leaves on the sidewalks, the bare trees, the very few blooming flowers, etc. Ugliness. However, I don’t mind needing a jacket, and I love weather that makes me feel like eating soup. So there’s that.

This weekend, I… hosted Jack’s birthday party. This involved making a two-colored cake (he chose yellow and green because this week he likes the Oregon Ducks) and cleaning a lot of areas of the house. Yesterday I mostly relaxed, because my back was hurting a bunch after all the stuff I did Saturday. I also watched Vic do the laundry, and that wore me right out. Whew.

I am thinking... that having hair is suddenly not such a cool thing. I got a call from the school today to inform me that Katie has head lice. As you can imagine, this was horrifying news. Jack’s clean. Victor and I appear to be clean as well. I don’t know where Katie picked up the little buggers, but I was a little bit relieved to see there were no actual bugs, just eggs. The bugs would’ve grossed me out. Anyway, since 2:15 today I’ve been doing laundry and applying homeopathic crap to Katie’s head and scratching my own head like you would not believe. Just the thought that there might be lice in our house is making me itch itch itch. Now we’re all shampooing with tea tree oil and sleeping on freshly washed linens and praying to the insect goddesses that we’ve combed out every egg and prevented any hatchlings.

I am thankful... for the confidentiality the school promises when they have to call you to say you have lice. I hate that we would otherwise be “that” family. Who knows? Maybe we already were.

I am working on... a flyer that’s supposed to go home in backpacks tomorrow, and getting the budget updated for the membership meeting on Wednesday afternoon. It’s all-PTO, all-the-time ‘round here. When we’re not annihilating head lice, that is.

I am going... to get up super-early tomorrow morning for my PET/CT scan. Please chant with me: No OJ! No OJ! No OJ!

I am reading... Mary Ann in Autumn, and I love it so far. I’m taking my time reading it because I already don’t want it to end.

I am hoping... that tea tree oil doesn’t give head lice superpowers. If it does, we’re super-screwed.

I am hearing... Casey and Oliver “play,” or as Casey calls it, “why does that asshole keep jumping on me?” They’re so loud when they romp, but it’s actually very cute. Casey doesn’t hate it nearly as much as she wants us to believe.

Around the house... everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is getting washed. Such fun.

One of my favorite things... is coming home to something warm in the crock pot. Today it was a pot roast.

Plans for the rest of the week: a little radioactivity, a little PTO, a little poker night with the Buzos and Fukais, and a little Sunriver. Happy happy!

Here’s an image I want to share:


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  1. No OJ! No OJ! No OJ!

    No head lice! No head lice! No head lice!


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