Nov. 7: Still here

I’m fine, really. I haven’t written for a while because I’ve been busy and uninspired and tired and my brain is foggy from overuse. Stop laughing, it’s true. Here’s what I’ve been doing since I last wrote:

  1. Decorated for Halloween (nothing like waiting until the last minute)
  2. Took Jack for a long-overdue haircut
  3. Went to the Shaws’ rockin’ Halloween party
  4. Handed out candy to trick-or-treaters—my favorite part of Halloween
  5. Went to two doctor appointments (by the way, I found a new primary care physician and I like her and best of all, I won’t ever have to see Dr. Jackass again!)
  6. Ran errands with Sunshine and—oh look! There’s that yummy Thai restaurant! We better go! I mean, since we’re out already ‘n stuff…
  7. Had chemo #17
  8. Found out my blood pressure is scary-high
  9. Got the new Amy Sedaris book
  10. Voted (everyone I voted for won, jus’ sayin’)
  11. PTO board meeting
  12. Restaurant night fundraiser at the Ram—it rocked!
  13. Took Jack to football practice
  14. Made signs and posters and flyers, oh my!
  15. Got medication for my blood pressure and it quickly went to a not-even-a-teensy-bit-scary zone. Whew.
  16. Went to Divine for Caramel Apple frozen yogurt, where Val and Sunshine and I were tempted to abandon our unruly spawn
  17. With my fellow board members, announced all the big Jogathon winners at Friday Morning Meeting—OMG, so much fun!
  18. Made a bazillion Italian sodas for kids at school as prizes for Jogathon
  19. Went to Jack’s football game, which his team won, which means that of all the teams that suck, they suck the least
  20. Shopped for more Italian soda supplies, and knocked five bottles of club soda off my cart on my way out of the store, which then rolled across the parking lot. Embarrassing? Naaaaahhh.
  21. Made more Italian sodas for kids at Movie Night at the school, where five bottles of club soda a-sploded when Victor opened them. It was not funny. It wasn’t.
  22. Drank a delicious blueberry lemonade concoction that I can’t stop thinking about and kinda want to marry
  23. Was reminded of my good luck in life to have such amazing, supportive, fun friends
  24. Slept in. Aaaaahhh.

I think I deserve a day of do-nothing-ness. That day might just be today. TTFN.


  1. Glad to see you back online!! Love you, Honey!

  2. You definitely deserve a day of doing nothing!


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