Nov. 23: Daybook

It’s Tuesday evening, and I’m a little bit late with my Daybook this week.


Outside my window... there was much ado about nothing. All the weather forecasts predicted lots of snow and ice today, but we actually saw very little. The passenger side door of my car was frozen shut this morning, but the car started with no trouble and reached its high temp of SEVENTH LEVEL OF HELL WARMTH within minutes. You think I’m joking? I am not. Freeways and side roads were clear. There were many, many disappointed kids across the city today.

This weekend, I… went to Sunriver. If you’ve never been to Sunriver, I’m sorry. It’s a lovely place and it’s up there with Maui in the “relaxing” department (but not so much the “tropical bliss” department). Our visit overlapped with Victor’s parents’ visit, and the rest of the weekend we were on our own. There was snow but driving was not hindered, so I didn’t mind it. One of my favorite things was sitting in the hot tub while it was snowing (very lightly) and within minutes, finding my hair freezing solid. Funny.

I am thinking... of what needs to be done before we take off for Medford in the morning. Some laundry, a little packing, a little cleaning… not too bad. I’m looking forward to getting away again; I don’t expect this trip to be as peaceful and relaxing as Sunriver, but it’ll be full of lovely people and my grandma. If Sherilee is lucky, I’ll have a story to share when I get home! Vampire bat

I am thankful... for oh-so-much. I’m saving it for my Thursday post, though, so you’ll just have to tune in again later to find out what it is. I know what YOU’RE thankful for! You’re thankful that you’ll soon have another post to read here at Stuff Jen Says! YAAAY! OK, maybe you’re not that thankful. Whatev.

I am working on... my Thursday post. Really. (Not really.)

I am going... to Medford tomorrow. I’ll be home Saturday, I think. I am NOT going to shop Black Friday sales where other people will be and could thereby irritate me or bump me or get in my way or smell bad. I might shop the sales from the comfort of my jammies and my mom’s living room, though. That’d be alright.

I am reading... the same book I said I was reading last week. This new sleeping medication works so well that I don’t need to read to fall asleep anymore, so I don’t get as much reading done. I knew there had to be a down side to that magical stuff! I’m also reading a book I bought at B&N today that I’m hoping holds the key to making things all better between me and my sister, because YES, the drama continues and I miss her and I want us to be good again.

I am hoping... to get some sleep tonight. It’s always hard to fall asleep the night of chemo, what with all the steroids running through my blood. I ought to get some reading done, though. Silver lining!

busI am hearing... the kids play LEGO Rock Band downstairs. I love it. They’ve got a guitar and microphone, and the drum set arrives next week. We’re totally gonna be the Partridge Family, dontcha know?! Just try and tell me you’re not jealous. You can’t. I won’t hear it. I will not listen. Nyah-Nyah

Around the house... we’re gearing up to get the Christmas 2010 CDs made. I’ve got some really fun stuff this year! I’m excited to hear what y’all think.

One of my favorite things... is writing our Christmas letter every year. I promise to do my best not to mention cancer very much this year, but it is the thing that has shaped our year more than any other. So, remember: we need to LAUGH at cancer! It hates that!

Plans for the rest of the week: pack for Medford, drive to Medford, make the potatoes and stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner, introduce Mom to my new favorite G&T, eat yummy food, hang out and enjoy my family, drive back to Portland, prepare to return to the real life of all-PTO-all-the-time (I’m not complaining!) and doctor appointments and homework and reading logs and cold lunches and field trips and holiday activities… for three weeks, and then it’s Christmas break! Yay.

Here’s an image I want to share: This is an item available on Amazon right now and I like it a little bit. It’s a bargain, too—there’s a savings of 35 percent! I really must have it. I’m quite sure.

I hope Victor sees this and I find it in my stocking on Christmas morning. All I want for Christmas is you!

(Also, that ring.)

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  1. What a steal of a price on that ring. You deserve two. And, if you think might be too gawdy, I could wear one of them for you. Cuz that's what friends are for, right?

  2. Holy cow that's gorgeous. Gorgeous and outrageous! I definitely think that should be in your stocking on Christmas morn. Mine too.

    Bring me back lots of good Grandma stories, please. Safe travels to you and yours. xo


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