Nov. 30: Daybook

Once again, I’m a day late with my Daybook. I have a good excuse. Prolly.


Outside my window... it’s icky. Cold, rainy, icky. Sherilee is in Kauai right now and although I’m glad she got to go on a very fun and well-deserved vacation, I’m more than a little bit jealous. Kauai may be the rainiest of the islands, but I’d still take it over Portland’s weather, pretty much any day.

This weekend, I… came home from Medford, tried to unpack a little, and came down with a killer headache. Pffft. However, I got our Christmas card photo done and ordered, so that’s kind of a big accomplishment. I still have the letter to write and CD to burn, and that means I’m not going to stop complaining about it for weeks. Ye be warned.

I am thinking... that Victor just might hate me, or at least be super-duper tired of me. Last night I asked him to read through my blog posts of 2010 to find anything that should be included in our Christmas letter. He actually did it. He was helpful and—I know this sounds mean, but it’s true of most husbands, I think—he is NEVER helpful with Christmas doodies.

I am thankful... for a lovely Thanksgiving day. My uncle and “auntie” brought a friend of theirs to my mom’s, and even Grandma joined us. We had a really nice time—traditional dinner, cool family members, all the things that can be good on Thanksgiving were good for us. Grandma was mostly well-behaved, except for calling Mom eight times that morning. She called me four times (I didn’t know this until just now), asking for Mom. Did she have an emergency? No.

I am working on... figuring out why I just now got nine voice mails from the past week. I don’t know why I didn’t get the messages when they were actually left for me. I don’t like missing calls. I don’t like stoopid AT&T. On a more fun and interesting note, I am working on some really fun Christmas gift ideas. You’ll hope you’re on my list, you betcha.

I am going... to come right out and say I don’t care that Angelina Jolie thinks Thanksgiving is murder, or that Jessica Simpson is engaged, or that a bunch of wackjobs have all sorts of ideas as to why Bristol Palin lost on Dancing with the Stars. News agencies may, however, continue to show many pictures of Johnny Depp. That’s just fine.

I am hoping... to get the house decorated for Christmas this week. We’ve got the tree up but there aren’t any ornaments on it, and there are a gajillion boxes in the attic full of décor. That’s lots of work, my friend, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have the energy for it.

I am hearing... the regular USA network Tuesday marathon of Law & Order: SVU. I’m not watching it, but I can hear it. I think I’ve seen every episode now, and that bums me right out. I’m going to have to find something else to do on Tuesdays. Hawaii Laura, do you have any ideas? Or do you have a more exciting life than I do, in which you’re not able to watch the marathon (almost) every week?

Around the house... the puppy is attacking the kitty, always, forever, every time he hears her little bell. He’s a turd, but she has claws, so I’m not even a little bit worried about her being hurt. I do worry that maybe she’s not getting the sleep she needs, though. Seriously—she can’t move without him pouncing on her. That is the definition of “turd.”

One of my favorite things... is Christmas shopping. I love making lists and looking online for good bargains and gift-wrapping and piling presents around the tree. The only part I dislike comes right before Christmas, when I get stressed over what to give Wellington and Victor’s no help at all. None. Wellington is the most difficult person to gift, like, EVER.

Plans for the rest of the week: A few meetings, a little work, some fun PTO stuff on Friday. What else does a girl need?

All I wanted was a cute pic of Oliver for the Christmas card:







Finally, I want to extend very happy—and very belated—birthday wishes to my delightful and charming friends, Ed and Sheila. I hope you got to eat lots of good cake.

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  1. omg adorable puppy pictures and YES pictures of Johnny Depp? Always good.

  2. Thanks for the bday wishes! I love the puppy pics, I think they are perfect as is!


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