Jan. 27: IDCEAYWTPFriday

ponchI’m glad this week is over. So glad. Partly because Friday means that it’s time again for an I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday post, or what I like to call SHIRTLESS PONCH, and partly because this week beat me all to hell and I was done.

  • Thanks for all your suggestions about where Victor and I should go for our 15th anniversary! We heard from exactly NONE of you, which makes me assume these things:
    • Nobody reads this blog
    • Nobody cares where we go
    • Everybody TOTALLY cares, but nobody has any ideas
  • Don’t worry; I know it’s a combination of the first two. I’m just sittin’ here, talkin’ to myself…
  • (I’m totally okay with that. Sad, huh?)
  • This week we ran a fundraiser at the school that required sharing names and addresses of family and friends, and a lot of us felt very uncomfortable with it. We were tempted not to run it at all, but it was a very quick turnaround and there were fun incentives for the kids. It cost us nothing, and today as I packaged everything up to return to the company, I decided that since we brought in almost $650, it wasn’t the worst decision ever.
  • (Mostly I mention this just to say that I’m thankful for the families that participated, and totally understanding of the ones who chose not to. Of those, I especially appreciate the ones who did NOT make a big fat stink about what a bad idea it was, claiming that because it was wrong for them it was wrong for the entire student body. Those people were not very nice. Why is that that the ones who complain are also the ones who rarely help out at the school? Nobody even knows who they are until they make noise. Pfffft.)


  • Wednesday night was the Relay for Life 2012 kickoff. I am so excited about this event—we’re going to have a great group again this year! Mark your calendars—it’s July 7-8. You’ll hear lots more about it in the coming months.
  • Yesterday I posted my migraine remedy. I need to add one small clarification: it does not actually work. It worked for an hour or so, yes, but then my head started pounding again. What I think happened is that the Percocet worked so well that I just plain did not CARE that my head hurt; once it wore off, I cared again. I cared big time. And I was grouchy the rest of the night and am still kinda grouchy and I bet you’re glad you’re not married to me today.


  • If you know anyone who is thinking of moving to this part of Oregon, tell them not to visit right now. Our weather was terrible this week—it sucked more than anything that’s ever sucked in the history of sucking. January is really just the worst month, always, amirite? Can we just skip it?
  • Today was 80’s day at school. We sure wore some frightening stuff back then. The kids had us pegged good.
  • In the battle of Hulu Plus vs. Netflix at our house right now, Hulu is winning. If we were bigger movie watchers, it might be a tougher decision, but Hulu has most of the TV we want, we can watch it on all our devices, and that makes for four happy peoples. Eventually Hulu is supposed to be available through the Wii, and that will be even better. 


  • I’ve been watching The Riches and it makes me feel all dirty. The show has a superb cast, but the premise is OMG! so wrong and evil. I’m super-hooked though. Good thing there are only 20 episodes.
  • I’m going to try a weird recipe tonight. I’ll let you know how it comes out because you care. You care even more about my weird recipe than you do about our 15th anniversary, I bet.

Nighty-night, all.


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  1. I didn't see you asking about where to go for your anniversary, but I really want to go to Paris, so you should go there and make me really jealous. No creepy, biting fish to worry about there, right?


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