Jan. 6: A view to kill for?

I’ve written about our neighbors before. You remember. The ones who chop wood? The ones who played one song on repeat in their backyard all summer? They’ve lived behind us almost as long as we’ve lived here and I used to think they were normal. I’m not so sure anymore. This recently popped up in their yard:


According to a conversation Victor had with one of them, it’s an attempt at creating a wind thingie to power their hot tub. It’s shown up in different forms over the past couple years, as though they’re experimenting with materials that will be durable and weather-proof so that it actually generates power. This most recent version is possibly the ugliest, but it seems to be the one on which they’ve landed.

It spins, I’ll give it that, but the only thing it seems to generate is mildew.

Yes, all that black gunk is mildew.

The tree-hugger in me wants to appreciate this green form of energy. I do. But when I look out any of the back windows in our house, this abomination is big as can be, and I really wish these weirdoes would just plug the hot tub into the friggin’ exterior outlet.

And use headphones.

And, if karma really exists, maybe get electrocuted by them.


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