Apr. 28: “Enchanted” enchanting

I’m a teensy bit ashamed to admit that I finally watched Enchanted for the first time this past weekend. I meant to go when it was playing in the theater and never did. The kids have watched it no less than 438 times since we got in on DVD but I always had some reason not to sit down and watch along. Then last week Katie had to do a speech on her favorite book—which is currently the adaptation of the movie—so in helping her with the speech, I found out everything that happened in the movie and figured it was time to just sit down for two hours and watch the dang thing.

I’m a teensy bit ashamed to admit all this because, well, I’m a complete Disney freak (thank Erin for that moniker) and this movie was so charming, so delightful, so enchanting that I can’t believe I waited so long to see it. What’s not to love? The amazing Amy Adams is the ideal live-action Disney princess. James Marsden, whom I adored as Corny Collins in Hairspray, is great as the narcissistic Prince Edward—not as adorable as Corny, but he has some of the best lines in the movie. The incredible Idina Menzel doesn’t even sing and she still creates a totally likeable rival for Giselle. I’m not a Susan Sarandon fan but she’s perfectly cast as the bitch queen. And Patrick Dempsey—in my mind, a “poor man’s Matthew Broderick” ever since those stupid 80’s flicks he was in—might just have redeemed himself. (I obviously do not watch Grey’s Anatomy.)

It’s the kind of movie that is so silly and sweet and fairy tale-like that I just couldn’t help but get completely wrapped up in it. So when I expressed one tiny bit of doubt, Vic flipped out: When Giselle first gets to New York City and she has that huge poofy wedding dress on and she can’t get through Robert’s door, I paused the movie and asked him, “If she can’t fit her dress through the door, how did she fit in the cab to get there in the first place?” He said, “Oh, that’s what you find unbelievable in this movie? Everything else is realistic—the animated characters transformed into live action, the ‘true love’s kiss,’ the talking chipmunk, the prince stabbing the bus with his sword—but the dress just takes it too far???”

Sometimes he’s lucky I don’t beat him up.


We watched Enchanted eight times this weekend.

The headache I had most of last week, which finally disappeared Friday afternoon, came back last night.

Could there be a connection between these two events?

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