Oct. 16: Hey hey!

When I say I “missed” yesterday’s post, it wasn’t like I meant to write it and didn’t. I had no intention of posting yesterday—usually my IDCEAYWTPFriday post—because I was way, way, way too busy with other things. The cool thing is that this morning I found a good image to use for a Saturday post—not as good as Ponch, of course, but it’ll work:

…so now, if I don’t get around to posting IDCEAYWTPFriday, whatev.

  • The biggest news of this week is that the school’s Jogathon is OVER. What a relief! The kids had a blast, or so it seemed, and we had tons of great help. Only one meanie mom that I heard about. Only one injury. Good weather. Fun music. Awesome donations. Lots of whining “my side hurts!” (that was my daughter) and beet-red faces going back to class. Li’l bit o’ dancing. A new FMM routine: “I pledge allegiance, to Sunshine, who is standing in front of the flag at Friday Morning Meeting so the kids can’t pledge allegiance to the thing they’re supposed to pledge allegiance to…”
  • Oh, here’s a thing. During the Pledge of Allegiance Sunshine, Jenn K proudly recited it (quietly) in French. Afterward she whispered, “I can say the pledge in French!” and at first Dina and I were all, WOW! and then we decided that’s just weird because what’s the point and now I even kinda think Jenn K might be a terrorist. A French one.
  • My mom is visiting for a few days, so Gilly and Oliver finally got to meet this week. At first Oliver was freaked out by big, friendly, eager-to-play Gilly, but he gradually warmed up to him and now they won’t leave each other alone. It’s all-growling-all-rolling-all-biting-all-chasing-all-the-time. Very cute, unless they somehow get on top of you in their rollicking, and then it’s more than a little bit painful. Gilly’s heavy, and Oliver’s got lots of sharp places.
  • Our sweet beagle Scout had surgery this week to remove a growth from her mouth. She came through it just fine, thank goodness. It’s so hard to watch her get older; she’s always been so puppy-ish and in the last couple years she’s kinda turned into Nana—the still-nice version of Nana. Also, veterinarians are OMG expensive. OMG.
  • I missed almost every one of my favorite TV shows this week because I was busy or sleeping or doing something else (dur).  Between TiVo and onDemand, I’ll be catching up this weekend. NO SPOILERS, please!

Gotta get busy counting all that Jogathon money. A PTO treasurer’s fun never ends.

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  1. I took years and years of French in school and no way in heck could I recite the pledge of allegience in French, now or ever. Clearly a terrorist, but still I am envious.


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