Oct. 22: IDCEAYWTPFriday

It’s Friday, and that means you get a post called I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday.

  • This week was full. Appointments and projects and meetings and responsibility kept most the fun away. I don’t like weeks like that. The highlight of the week might have been lunch with Sunshine on Monday—love that L-15 at the Thai place.
  • My friend Kim F’n kills a lot of things.
  • I’m trying out a new medication to help me sleep. It’s also supposed to help me want to scream at people less. So far the sleep part is definitely working; I can’t remember a thing about last night. I hope I wasn’t doing goofy stuff online or dancing down my street all nekkid. Gah. Either way, getting a good night’s rest makes me want to scream at people less, so, y’know, WIN-WIN-WIN.
  • A little Ambien story for ya: One of my friends—who I won’t name just in case she prefers me not to tell the world—was taking Ambien and posted a bunch of stuff on Facebook one night while under the influence. I saw her posts and they seemed a bit unlike her, but I thought she was just being silly. Apparently it was her little Ambien elves at work, though, and her husband told her to delete all the posts the next morning. Funny, right? But it gets better! Another morning she woke up and all the hummus that had been in the fridge the night before was gone. If you don’t think you can eat a family-size  bowl of hummus on your own, set up a camera and take an Ambien. (My doctor offered Ambien, but I opted for a different kind of drug… I don’t trust myself in my coherent (cough cough!) state; I certainly can’t handle the idea of little elves helping me make my way through the Internet. They could make my blog a lot more interesting, though. Hm…)
  • OMG, that was totally one paragraph that transitioned into another. I apologize.
  • Last night Millie brought in a mouse. She does this once every couple weeks or so. While I do not like having mice in my house, it doesn’t freak me out to see them and don’t tell Loveliest Lori because it’ll make her make THAT face, but I even think they’re super-cute. Last night the mouse was still alive, but injured and not moving all that well. In fact, it was pretty much doing this:

    It made me laugh, kind of a lot.

    I wanted to put the mouse out of its misery, but most of all I wanted it out of my house. Where’s Kim F’n when I need her? I didn’t have a glove handy, so I grabbed saran wrap and picked the mouse up to throw it outside. I should have picked it up by the tail, yes, but I didn’t think that part through, and instead grabbed his body, and guess what? That friggin’ little mouse BIT me! My first thought was RABIES! and then my weakened immune system, and OMG, the places my brain went from there… yikes. I quickly got on the Internet and found out how to treat mouse bites. Apparently, there is no known case of a human contracting rabies from a mouse EVER, and even the hantavirus is extremely rare. I cleaned the bite well, and now we’re hoping I’m not the first known case of a human contracting rabies from a mouse EVER.

    Also, I read all that stuff on Wikipedia, so I know it’s gotta be true.
  • I think it’s cool when people make non-food things out of food. Those fondant cakes that look like purses? Awesome. The mashed potatoes made into Taj Mahal? Well, kinda weird, but mashed potatoes are still mashed potatoes. Yummy Taj Mahal! Anyway, I also like cute little goodies, and I’ve been a fan of fun Halloween treats ever since my mother-in-law made candy sushi for one of our parties a few years back. I had fun with this candy corn cheesecake dessert last year. Here are a couple things I ran across today that I just have to share (click the photo to go to the how-to for each item):

punkinWhat’s cool about this one is the surprise inside…





This isn’t a Halloween thing, but I think it kinda rocks

  • Have I mentioned lately how much unnecessary capitalization and inappropriately-used apostrophes make me want to kill people? The other day I texted Val “your welcome,” knowing she would get that the lack of apostrophe was intentional, and it physically hurt me to tap “send.” Ouchie. Anyway, my point is that gross misuse of punctuation should be a felony. Pretty sure. And I should get to decide the punishment. (Hint: it’ll always, always, always be DEATH.)
  • The mouse thing happened last night during Community, so I missed several minutes of it and then the rest of the episode made no sense. I hate that. We couldn’t pause the show because we still haven’t replaced our TiVo that died. Grrr, us. Victor and I got to talking about the convenience of Hulu and then got to thinking… what if we cancelled cable TV and watched TV online only? It’d save us a ton of $$, and just about everything is online these days. Down sides? Help us decide, please.
  • I think we’ll try to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend. The weather’s supposed to be crappy and even though it’s been nice all this week, I like to wait until there’s mud up to our knees so we can get it all over the inside of our cars. Mm-hm. This is the jack-o-lantern The Boy wants to do this year, which I absolutely love:


  • You know what I’ve hardly even thought about this year? Our annual Christmas CD. I need to get working on that thing. I think I chose most of the songs last year, but I need to make sure I can get my hands on all of them, and then I need to slowly go insane while I plan the sequence and design and list of recipients. Why do I do this to myself? WHY??? Oh, yes… it’s because some of you love our Christmas CD. I can’t disappoint you three peoples.
  • The Tom Jones thing on 30 Rock last night made me LMAO. The perm! “The bus, I mean hotel room.” Love that show.

Wow, the day’s halfway over. When ya sleep until 10 a.m., that happens pretty fast. Go me!


  1. ACK - the mouse bit you!! You are the only other person I've known besides me who wasn't very wise when it came to a half-dead mouse.

    I think I was 8 or 9 when I was taking my little brother to the bathroom in a grocery store and I spotted a mouse sitting there on the floor in the back room. I thought, oh a mouse, how cute, I think I'll pet it. It bit me and grabbed on so tight, it stayed on my finger and I had to fling it away. I didn't tell my mom for a long time because I was scared. But then my finger started getting swollen and it hurt. I was sure they were going to cut off my finger.

    They think it had probably gotten into some poison and was half dead when we found it, that's why it didn't run.

    Anyway - mice are pretty much on my least favorite things list.

    Hope your finger is okay!!

  2. Hulu - I have an opinion. I've heard rumors they are going to start charging a membership fee. But, even if that doesn't happen, you have to wait a week to watch the most recent episode. So, if Community was on last night, you can't watch that episode until next Thursday. AND ... there are commercials on Hulu that you can't fast forward.

  3. Pick up a mouse? My daughter? Jen, whose genes do you have anyway? Yeah, I guess your father emptied the traps to get me to stop screaming....

  4. Love that candy corn cheesecake - how cool! My friend made candy sushi for MM's birthday party a couple years ago and it was awesome! So clever!

    My dad cancelled his cable and is watching things online with Hulu and loves it but he also has a big huge projector hooked up to a computer running hulu and netflix instant so it's kind of like watching tv and movies on a movie theater in your basement.

    I found the whole "internet connection" thing kind of choppy and annoying sometimes but I suppose sometimes cable is annoying, too. Not sure. It will definitely save you some money unless you decide to buy a projector and build your own movie theater, too.

  5. Buy an internet-ready TV (or whatever it's called) and watch Netflix, Vudu, and perhaps Hulu. Also, listen to Pandora on it. Let us all know if you go the Hulu route, as I'm tempted.

    I can help you a little with the Christmas CD recipient list. I listened to mine 1,029 times before Christmas! Hint, hint!

  6. One downside to Hulu: no HBO or Showtime. You have to wait for those shows to come out on DVD or make like a pirate on the internet.


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