Oct. 27: Can I interest you in Hanukkah?

christmas musicSeems like I spent most of last weekend looking for Christmas music for our annual Christmas CD. I found a few gems (who knew Soupy Sales did a Christmas album?), but mostly I just started to hate Christmas. This CD is so dang much work. See what I do for you? And how much I must love you to go through all this? Yes, I’m a saint. That’s the word you were looking for: saint.

Here’s one of the gems that won’t be going on our Christmas CD, but only because it’s a live recording, not because it’s a Hanukkah song. Best part: it’s Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Pure awesomeness, right there.

Download this MP3 - (Right Click)

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  1. Thanks so much for loving us. We love you too! Sincerely, an adoring fan of "The Saint"


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