Oct. 19: Love letter to the world

This love letter to the world is a free PDF download from Your Courageous Life. It’s a bit idealistic, but I kinda love it anyway. When I imagine my best self, I like the idea of it including the patience to walk in someone else’s shoes. (Or steal them, if they’re really cute.)

Freebie Alert : Printable Love Letter to the World Art Print


  1. I like this! Need to refer to this when I run into the few people that I don't see eye to eye with. Oh, let me see, how about the EVIL boss who lives in the frickin' hood. She qualifies for many of these statements :). Karmaaaa.......

  2. I love the Love Letter to the World--am making copies and sharing it with my CRB members! Hope you week has gone well! I love you!!

  3. Whoa, how did I miss this, I thought I read all your blogs the minute they post. This is wonderful. Sentence one grabbed me.....perfectly describes someone I'm very close to genetically, emotionally I stay the heck away. I'm going to print and share this with our staff. Once again, thanks Jen.


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