Oct. 18: Daybook


Outside my window... it was a sunny, bright, beautiful fall day. Fabulous.

This weekend, I… finished up the Jogathon packets, and not a whole lotta much else. I need to get a new life—one in which I have time to read and watch TV and do things just for Jen. I vaguely remember enjoying a life like that.

I am thinking... that tomorrow would be a good day to take off. Don’t call, please. I won’t answer.

I am thankful... that I have friends who make me laugh. You should’ve seen Sunshine acting as my armed guard going into the bank today. She was so bad-ass, I half-expected her to grab the teller’s bangs and punch her in the face.

I am working on... re-claiming my life. How did it disappear without me noticing?

I am going... to cry. Just look the other way.

I am reading... “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” or I was, until Fancy Lori™ suggested that maybe I shouldn’t. Sunshine’s also reading it, and she agreed that it might not be the best thing for me right now (cancer story, dog dying, etc.) so I’m going to put it away until it’s a better time.

I am hoping... that our beagle Scout’s got a little more time with us. The call from the vet today, with the test results from the mass they removed from her mouth last week, made me sad. Girl’s gettin’ some extra loves and people food these days.

I am hearing... Pandora show tunes radio. Love.

Around the house... the summer clothes are getting packed away and winter clothes are coming out. As much as I love cuddly clothes, this is my least favorite time of year for just about every other reason. Last year Sherilee tried to convince me fall was awesome, but I think all it really did was make her question her own love of the season. Nice try, though.

One of my favorite things... was seeing several kids in their Jogathon T-shirts today. That means they love them, right? After all our efforts, it’s nice to see them show up outside of the actual Jogathon.

Plans for the rest of the week: doctor appointment Wednesday, meeting in the evening, volunteer training sessions on Thursday, maybe some for-pay work if I can squeeze it in... I’m most looking forward to tomorrow, though, during which I plan to do not very many things at all. Remember? You’re not supposed to call.

Here’s an image I want to share:

Here I am at Friday Morning Meeting with some o’ my fab girls!
(Me), Dina, Jenn K, Shelby, and Wendy

“We'll be fine, thank you! See ya! Hope you don't get gonorrhea!”

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  1. I think you definitely are in need of Jen Time. Time to demand only awesomeness.


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