Oct. 25: Daybook


Outside my window... it was blustery and rainy and depressing. This is my least favorite kind of weather.

I am thinking... about all the things I need to get done this week, Christmas lists, what’s for dinner…

I am thankful for... good friends who live nearby. We had tons o’ fun a couple of streets away on Saturday night, even though it rained and I was frozen solid by the time I made myself go home.

I am working on... our Christmas CD. Christmas music is hard!

I am going... to work (for pay) tomorrow, and volunteer at the school’s book fair around lunchtime. I love the book fair. The book fair is fun and gets kids excited about reading. Book fair = good.

I am reading... a lot of stuff on the Internet about some new drugs I’m trying out. Scary.

I am hoping... that I don’t get some of the side effects, ‘specially the painful erection. Ow.

I am hearing... Victor emptying the dishwasher. He’s noisy, but since he empties the dishwasher I let it go. I’m quite generous that way.

Around the house... there are tiny pieces of all the things the puppy has been chewing. When he gets tired of chewing bark and twigs and paper, he goes for socks, underwear, and towels. This morning he got hold of my nasal spray—he oughta have clear sinuses for a good long time now.

One of my favorite things... is when I wake up and find all three dogs and the cat on the bed with me. Throw in a few chickens and I could be one of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Plans for the rest of the week: everything. I’m doing absolutely everything this week. Leave me alone.

Here’s a photo I want to share:


I just think it’s pretty.

Want to blog your own Daybook? Here’s the info: The Simple Woman’s Daybook.


  1. Your dad would not be happy with the Beverly Hillbillies look....

  2. I would walk down the aisle for that bouquet, definitely! (Isn't that a wedding dress she's wearing? Not a *completely* random thought, I swear.) Yum.

    Hope your week is a good one--thinking of you! xoxo


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