Jun. 19: Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Today especially, I’m grateful to my husband for being the good dad he is to our kids, and I feel fortunate to have a kind and loving father-in-law. This holiday is different now that my own dad is gone, but there are still plenty of special people to honor, so we celebrate BIG in our house. Like, soooo big: today Vic is doing laundry, I’m organizing my office, and the kids are playing outside. Yep, we go ca-razy.

It’s never easy to shop for Father’s Day gifts and cards for Vic, because most of the stereotypical dad things just don’t fit him. He doesn’t wear ties or play golf (regularly) or fight for the remote or work in the garage or fix cars or use excessive amounts of duct tape (my dad did ALL of those things). Victor does, however, work in the yard a lot and the kids always veer toward garden stuff when we shop for him. I try to discourage them because the time he spends in the yard is not exactly joyful to him; new garden tools are something he buys only when he absolutely must.

Instead, Katie and Jack chose to make this candy card/poster for Vic. They proudly presented it to him this morning:

Before they started writing and gluing, I helped them compose the note and asked which candy they wanted next to their names. Katie shouted “Smartie!” at exactly the same time Jack shouted, “Airhead!” That was a lot easier than I expected. Don’t say our kids don’t know themselves.

Grilling for dinner. Yum.


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