Jun. 8: I’m not the only one messin’ with Fancy Lori™

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: Fancy Lori™ is a word Nazi.

We totally love her ‘n stuff, but it’s true. She loves to point out when non-words are used in conversation. Actually, she doesn’t love it; upon hearing a non-word you will often then hear her screech “THAT’S NOT A WORD!!” You can imagine, then, how much fun the rest of us have with this sometimes. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get watching Fancy Lori’s expression change from mild interest to abject horror in the split second before and after someone utters a word like “brung.” (Hard, but not impossible: it’s awesome.)

I hate non-words too, but I also love inventing new/convenient words, so it’s a toss-up. Really, it’s mispronunciations that make me crazy. Saying “expresso” or “nuke-you-ler” or “lie-berry” will make me want to jab you in the eye for sure.

But back to mean ol’ lovable Fancy Lori™. Lookie here! I took a screen shot of the Target ad I saw today:

lori hall

Yup. The headline’s good, but the ad is better. “Funner” happens to be a non-word I use as often as possible around her because hearing “funner” makes Fancy Lori™ all stabby. Don’t be surprised if Target suddenly vanishes from the face of the Earth.

(After all, I hear Nazis have connections…)


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