Jun. 21: Photo Tuesday

Today I need to run some errands, there’s an SVU marathon on, I need to finish sorting through boxes, and I have to work. But there’s a beautiful blue sky outside and Portland’s first deliciously high temp forecasted, so what am I doing? Sitting indoors, blogging. I know. I don’t get me either.

I started to do a Post-it Note Tuesday, but then decided that since most of what I have to share are photos, I’ll just do Photo Tuesday. It’s not a new thing; it’s just what I’m calling this post. YOU try coming up with titles for everything you blog about and see if someday you just don’t want to try anymore. So there.

Here are some images I’ve been collecting from around the Internet (mostly Pinterest, lately). Many of them are clickable to larger versions. I might have shared some of these before, and if so, oh well.

There are your smiles for the day. Enjoy the rest of it, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing, and remember that I probably like you.


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