Jun. 26: Daybook



Outside my window... it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m not going to go on and on about it because Mother Nature might hear and change her mind. She’s kind of a bitch, and that is something she would totally do.

This weekend, I… worked in the front yard, pulling weeds and grooming plants. Turns out I have some muscles I haven’t been using; I’ve been achy and waddle-y ever since. Ouch. The yard looks better, though, and I have a little sunburn on my neck.

Today the four of us went to Cars 2. It was a pretty fun movie. The CGI, in some parts, looked more amazing than ever. They’ve really improved the way they do water, for instance—there were several splashes, and lake/ocean scenes. Beautiful. Oh, and the short film beforehand was a Toy Story thing, mostly starring Barbie and Ken—very, very funny.

This weekend I also ordered a new dining set for our kitchen. When Vic and I pulled our table apart to put the leaf in before the big party, I guess we were a little over-zealous, because a part snapped off. When we went to remove the leaf yesterday, the table absolutely would NOT go back together. We put the leaf back in and took it right to Goodwill (it’s fine with the leaf in—we didn’t donate broken furniture!). I hate surprise expenses, but I admit to being eager for a new table and chairs.

I am thankful that... I have the most fabulous friends ever. You think yours are fabulous? You’re probably right, but they can’t possibly be as fabulous as mine. For realsies. Last week Sherilee came down and let me hang with her in her hotel overnight—it was a lovely little break from being at home. The next morning we made a quick run to IKEA (yay!), and then headed down to Bridgeport for lunch. There we met up with Loveliest Lori, Kim F’n-W, Sunshine, and Val for a long and enjoyable chat over pasta.

You know what’s cool about this group of girls? They’re originally from very different parts of my past and present, and I love that they now come together and make my life so positively wonderful. This is part of what makes me the luckiest girl, like, EVER. Happy, happy.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there! Friday night was another girls’ night; I joined Sunshine, Val, and my new friend Jessica for the very hilarious Chelsea Handler show. We started with dinner at Higgins, and went back after the show for drinks and dessert because it’s not only a nice little restaurant, we had the best server—he even curtsied for us. He must know that curtsies get the big tips.

I am working on... getting my phone in shape again. The other day the home button stopped working, and today I went to the Apple store to get it repaired. They replaced the phone, and while syncing it with iTunes put almost everything back where it belonged, there are little things missing everywhere. It’s frustrating, but at least it’s working again. For a while there I thought I might D-I-E die.

The other thing I’m working on is getting the last few connections to our wireless network back up and running like normal. I went to look up our password to get my phone on the network, and thought maybe it was a good time to change it to something that’s easier to remember. In the process, I totally farked up the connection for all the other computers and devices that access our network. I finally got it working (I think) with an auto-generated password, which is even harder to remember than the other one. Grrr.

I am kind of excited because… some of our summer plans are coming together and our calendar is filling up. So far, so good.

That’s it for now. Have a great week!


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  1. Hope your new dining set is fabulous! We are using such a hodge podge assortment in our kitchen and I secretly hope every day that a chair will break and I'll be given an excuse to buy new.


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