Jun. 30: Online handles

My bloggy friend Jen E, of MommaBlogsALot fame, posted this link on Facebook yesterday. It’s about our discarded Internet IDs of yore. I loved reading the last part of the article, in which a handful of people explained their first online “handles.” It made me feel old, though, because many of them mentioned that they first started using the ‘net in middle school.

The first time I ever used a computer was in middle school.

The first time the ‘net was accessible to the average person (me), I was long out of college. ‘Scuse me while I go take my Geritol.

OK, I’m back. These were my first few online handles:

  • JenPDX: I first accessed AOL while at my sister’s in 1995-ish. This was my single girl username, perfect because it said I was female and from Portland. I managed to do quite a bit of flirting in chat rooms with this one. Those were some fun days. This handle is now used by someone else in Portland, but once upon a time it was all mine.
  • SaltmarshJ: On AOL, again, this time at home and on my own account. JSaltmarsh was already taken.
  • JManullang: Once married, I began to use this name on my AOL account. (According to Ed, I used AOL for way too long for someone who claimed to be “technically savvy.” He embarrassed me into getting a “real” ISP.) I still use JManullang, as evidenced by my blog URL.
  • JennySandM: My friend Paula made fun of my Jen S-M handle, calling me Jenny S&M. That sounded way better/funnier, so I changed it. Most people read it as “JennySand,” which was not at all funny. Whatevs.

I don’t think I ever had usernames that even attempted to be anonymous. Identity theft be damned, I said! (I guess…)

These are disappointingly uninteresting. What about yours?



  1. Good old ereillypdx has seen me through att.worldnet.net, yahoo, and Google. I don't remember what my AOL screen name was, but I suspect it was the same. I'll be lost if I ever have to adopt another airport code.
    I suppose I will have to eliminate any ereillypdx interlopers, so they should consider themselves forewarned.

  2. I honestly cannot even remember all mine. As I said on Facebook I *think* lbcangel82 might have been my first. LBC because I was born in Long Beach in, you guessed it 1982. Angel cause it's girly. Most of my usernames have been silly name combos like angelinthewall and now even mommablogsalot. I only use ones with my real name for personal email addresses, etc. and even that is only recently really not until Google came around.


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