Jun. 5: My Drunk Kitchen

If I did an Internet cooking show, this is exactly the one it would be, but-cept I would say ILOVEYOUANDILOVEYOUANDILOVEYOU. I would also giggle a lot, and possibly disrobe. (Warning: not for little ears.)



  1. lmao I think the sad thing is how much of this was true and poignant. And that sometimes I feel like this when I'm baking sober-like.

  2. I laughed my ass off. I have a "My Drunk Kitchen" too.

  3. I cook the Julia Child way: Drink in hand. The more I drink the more I talk like Julia.

    Oh, and I love how there is a friggin kitchen aid mixer behind her and she makes that shit by hand. Of course she probably shouldn't be using heavy machinery...


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