Jun. 28: Read between the lines

Here are a bunch of things separated by lines.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel right now.

We watched The Hangover the other night. Val told us we were the only people on earth who haven’t seen it, and she loaned us the DVD and we watched it and it was funny and now I want to talk about it but nobody wants to talk about it because the sequel is out now and everybody’s talking about that instead but Tina told me it’s got a lot of wieners in it and I don’t know if I’ll see it in the theater because we so rarely go to movies in theaters and when we do it tends to become a family event and I don’t want to take my kids to see The Hangover Part II because I am a better parent than that… maybe.

Dan posted the link to this David Sedaris piece on my FB wall today. My favorite part is about how he signed Judith’s book. I’m sure I’ve told the story before about when Sally went to a Sedaris show. She had been waiting in line forever to have him sign her book and Presley, who was a baby at the time, insisted they leave. Sally gave her book to her brother, who stayed in line for her. When he gave it back to her, she saw Sedaris had signed it, “It was nice to meet your brother.”
Tony posted this quote to Facebook this morning. This is truth:

lao tzu quote

Here’s a peek into my psyche that kinda explains why it’s so hard for me to get anything done around the house:
  1. I decide I need a bulletin board for my office, but I don’t want an ugly bulletin board. It has to be bulletin board-like, though, because I need to hang stuff right in my face(ish) so’s I don’t forget whatever it is that’s important enough to hang right in my face(ish).
  2. I buy a sheet of foam core. Foam core isn’t a bulletin board! I can still hang stuff on it, though. Perfect!
  3. I decide the foam core isn’t sturdy enough. I hang lots of things.
  4. I buy square sheets of cork to cover the foam core. That oughta strengthen it.
  5. I decide putting cork on the foam core will ultimately look just like any old bulletin board and I am trying to avoid the bulletin board look. I forget things easily.
  6. cuckooI take samples of my office colors to many fabric stores looking for a matchy-matchy fabric to cover the cork.
  7. It takes two days too long.
  8. I finally find the right fabric.
  9. I find the right fabric just before our big party, and while tidying up I put it in a closet and forget about it.
  10. I remember I bought the fabric but forget where I’d put it.
  11. I remember where I’d put it—it is with the square sheets of cork. Dur.
  12. I discover that the cork sheets are a different size than the foam core and I’ll have to cut them to fit. Have you ever cut cork? It’s totally messy and leaves an uneven edge. Even with fabric covering it, it’ll be hideous. I put everything back in the closet, and the bulletin board(ish) thing goes on hold.
  13. I find a bulletin board for super-cheap at IKEA, and make a note to get it.
  14. I remember I don’t want a plain ol’ bulletin board. Haven’t we already gone over this? UGLY.
  15. I discover many different styles of magnet boards at IKEA. I vow to check them out.
  16. I forget to check them out.
  17. On my visit to IKEA with Sherilee last week, I remember the magnet boards. I pick one out. I do not get the PØØPLÎ magnet board. Only dorks get the PØØPLÎ. I get a SPONTAN. When I get home, I set my new SPONTAN on the dining room table. It’s thin and very flat, and I forget it is there. I don’t turn the dining room light on very often, obvy.
  18. Yesterday I remember that I purchased a magnet board. When Vic gets home from work I ask him to hang it for me.
  19. He goes to change his clothes first and falls asleep.
  21. Hanging the magnet board requires a stud finder, laser level, drill, and apparently a lot of curse words, but eventually Victor gets my magnet board on the wall. Yay!
  22. Now there is a big black circle in my peripheral vision. It’s okay; it’s supposed to be there.
  23. The big black circle magnet board has nothing on it because I have no magnets for it. It might as well be sitting on the dining room table, or on the shelf at IKEA, really, for all the good it’s doing me.
  24. I decide that, rather than using random refrigerator magnets, I want something pretty. This will require some pondering. I decide to sleep on it.
  25. Because if I don’t have the perfect magnets for my magnet board, why bother?
  26. After said pondering, I decide this morning that the magnets for my magnet board absolutely must be matchy-matchy with the other colors in my office. And so it begins again…

And this, my friends, is just one of the many reasons I hate myself.


Happy Tuesday, y’all.


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  1. The Tape Store called, they said they coulda helped!


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