Jul. 12: Some things

I’m a little scattered right now. Don’t judge.

I spent what seems like the entire day in the car yesterday. It was actually only about five hours of driving, but it felt like forever, maybe because I was getting important texts the entire time and could not respond to them appropriately. “Appropriately” is using proper spelling and punctuation, duh. Once I got home, it was more than an hour before I got caught up with life. No time to relax, though; it was off to Jack’s football camp two minutes later.

So, why was I in the car yesterday? I met my mom at our halfway point between Portland and Medford—beautiful Cottage Grove!—to hand over Katie, her friend Phoebe, and Oliver for a few days. The house is MUCH quieter without Oliver here.

footballmom← Why is this woman smiling? My guess is she’s hand-drawn because no one could get a photo of a smiling mom at football. BECAUSE NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SMILE AT FOOTBALL OR MAYBE I ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME SOUND LIKE LESS OF A BITCH.

Jack is in football conditioning camp this week. Dina and I arrived at the same time and quickly decided we want to spend as little time as possible at football this year. It’s not that watching the games or practices are so awful (even though they are), it’s blonde, skinny other things. Don’t get us started.

After a late dinner last night, I lay down to watch a little TV and quickly fell asleep. I woke up at 11 and pretty much went right back to bed. I slept until 6 this morning. If I could’ve slept later, I would have—this girl does not like 6am!—but that SVU marathon isn’t gonna watch itself.

My point: I’m flippin’ tired.

I have two videos to share that are all kinds of awesome. The first is Justin Timberlake, who is currently my favorite funnyman.

Jill Shaw, YES, I will share him with you this time. ;)


And this one shows such amazing, natural, NORMAL behavior. If only more people were as open-minded and sharp as this kid.

The next generation? by satellithias 

I have five gazillion things to do today, and I need to stop putting them off. Don’t be sad.



  1. Love the JT.

    Hope you recover from your trip quickly!


  2. Love the JT video. Looks like the 2nd video was taken down though for copyright issues. Sad. :O(


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