Jul. 26: Where’s my AARP card?

You know what’s awesome about the Internet? It has everything. EVERYTHING. I can’t even begin to post links to all the cool stuff I find. Girl, you know it’s true.

But—sad face!—today a site that I love called me an old lady. This is worse than the gas station attendants calling me “ma’am” or my kids yelling downstairs to Vic, “She’s asleep in front of the TV again!” That’s right, The Oatmeal, one of the best things about the ‘net, suggested that 43-year-old women are “old ladies.” Technically, I won’t be 43 years old for… um… (quick consult at timeanddate.com because my brain is too decrepit to do math on the fly)… 54 more days.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter that I’m not one of the Farmville-playing old ladies; Pinterest is probably just as make-fun-of-able.

Young whipper snapper Internet comedians…




  1. I know how that feels. Some kids were playing in the park where I walk and when I came by they scrambled away from the path yelling "Old lady coming, get out of the way!" Sad thing is they were trying to be courteous.

  2. I dare ANYONE (and I mean anyone) to look at my 43 year old self and tell me I'm old. These kids today...oh wait..shit!


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