Jul. 25: I *need*

Palm TreeMy Facebook status this morning says it: I NEED TO BE WITH PALM TREES.

Do you ever get a feeling, one that supersedes all others in its urgency, that you NEED to do something? Sometimes it’s just a simple thing for me, like I NEED to rearrange the furniture in this room, or I NEED to bake something, or I NEED lipstick. Sometimes it’s bigger, like I NEED to cut my hair, I NEED a puppy, I NEED to see a certain someone, I NEED to put on pants.

Everyone in the Northwest has been complaining about the weather this year; it’s been inconsistent and unseasonably… um… unusual. It snowed in the spring and it’s rained way too much this summer. Temps in the Northwest are traditionally moderate, but I’ve lived here my whole life and it’s never been like this before. This past weekend it was sunny and in the 80s—quite lovely, in fact—and yet, it didn’t take away that urgency I feel, that urgency to DO something.

The sunny weather didn’t last long, either; this morning we woke to a very loud rainstorm, and now the skies are overcast and dark. Pffft.

I feel all itchy and jittery and unsettled and anxious, and I NEED.

I NEED to do something that isn’t going to cost a bazillion dollars. That means I’m not headed to the mall or flying anywhere good (“good” = where palm trees grow).

I NEED to do something that won’t make my husband hate me. That means no puppy. He’s actually not too thrilled when I rearrange furniture either.

I NEED to do something legal. That means pants.

I NEED to do something that will change my frame of mind. I NEED to go away somewhere, even just for a little while. I NEED an escape.

Should I make a trip to the Oregon coast, maybe? Icky weather there isn’t disappointing (to me) because it’s always unpredictable—and beautiful, regardless. A drive up the mountain, maybe communing with nature while my car gets broken into back in the unattended parking lot? A visit with a friend, over never-ending coffee, for many, many days?

When I Googled “Jen needs,” here’s what I found:

  • … to go away (see, even Google knows!)
  • … some serious help (obvy)
  • … to wash her windows
  • … ya for a minute
  • … a skin transplant
  • … a human anatomy lesson
  • … a helmet
  • … a hug

Thanks a bunch, Google. Fer nuthin’.



  1. "I NEED to do something legal. That means pants."

    Thanks, Jen, for writing my next FB status update for me! :-)

  2. I often get the "I need to get outta Dodge bug" and though I wish I could translate that to fabulous vacations, usually we translate it to a day trip or even just going to the mall haha

    Sending Palm Tree wishes your way, and if you do go, please pick me up on the way! I'm coming with!


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