Nov. 21: Tis the season

Don't you hate receiving Christmas cards in which there are no photographs? Me too. I didn't ignore these people all year just to get a terse signature and nothin' else! Don't be one of those people, mmkay? Promise me.

I have decided that I'm going to help you out by sharing the fruits of my research of photo printing web sites. I know, I know... my benevolence is overwhelming to me, too. Note that most of these sites have quantity discounts and only the starting prices are listed here. And unless otherwise noted, it's assumed that envelopes are included. Here, in no particular order, are some web sites that print holiday photo cards:

  • Club Photo. Your traditional 4x8 cards. Prices start at $12.95/set of 20.

  • Photo Affections. A site with absolutely gorgeous cards. Quantity discounts start after orders of 50. The 5x7 photo cards start at $1.69 each, but that appears to be a sale price.

  • Shutterfly. Offers 4x8 photo cards ($8.28/12), as well as regular folded cards with photos($2.49/each). Both styles can be done in a "collage" format with multiple photos--my fav new feature. Some really nice designs, too.

  • dotPhoto. The 4x8 cards are on sale right now (66 cents each), and styles are pretty standard fare (read: blah). The 5x7 folded cards are $19.99/20. Something very unique on this site: talking cards. They're $5.99 each, batteries included, has hangtag, message plays over 400 times. To add your voice, there's a toll-free number to call. I have no idea if these talking cards are worth $5.99. The site is offering free shipping right now.

  • FotoTime. Standard choices of 4x8 cards here. They're on sale right now for $6.30/10.

  • PhotoWorks. I love this site, but prices are quite high. If you're looking for something truly unique, though, this is your answer. Prices range from $2.95 to $4.95/card for their very cool styles, which can be purchased in any quantity. They also have standard 4x8 cards priced at $18.75/20. Additional 20% off site-wide through 11/26.

  • Snapfish. Lots of choices here. Photo cards come 4x8 ($14.99/20) or 5x7 ($16.99/20), and many styles have multi-photo layouts. No room for a lot of text, so don't use them if your names are long. Snoopy cards available. Calendars can be printed on cards, which will encourage recipients to stare at your picture on their fridge for at least 12 months. Prices for photo greeting cards (regular folded cards) start at 99 cents each.

  • ez prints. Nothing special in their selection of 4x8 photo cards, which are $7.95/10.

  • Kodak Gallery (they bought ofoto a while back). They proudly advertise the new Martha Stewart cards. A nice variety of styles--many in multi-photo layouts--and prices. The least expensive are 5x7 photo cards, which start at $9.99/10. Good promotions running right now--check the "Credits and Discounts" section on the home page.

  • Walgreens Photo Center (go to Walgreens' site, then click the "Photo" tab). Licensed characters available here--Snoopy and Disney styles. Photo cards come 4x8 ($14.99/20) or 5x7 ($16.99/20), and many styles have multi-photo layouts. Allows 180 characters of text--more than some sites. Very similar to the Snapfish interface, but not all the same designs. Can be printed and picked up at your local store.

  • Wal-mart (go to Wal-mart site, then click the "Photo" tab). Offers 4x6 (84 cents each) and 5x7 ($1.03 each) photo postcards, folded 5x7 cards ($1.42 each), 4x8 photo cards (33 cents each, or 40 cents for in-store pickup), and 5x7 photo cards (49 cents each). Snoopy appears to be the only licensed style, but there's a decent variety of others. The big advantage is that you don't have to order in sets; you order however many cards you need, AND you can have them printed to be picked up at your local store. A cool thing: you can buy a Wal-mart gift card with any photo on it for only 88 cents. I don't know if they'd put a pic of a Target store on one, but you can try. I got a gift card with Katie & Jack's pic for my grandma last year and she almost peed herself over it (note to self: put a towel under Grandma before she opens gifts this year).

  • Target (scroll to the bottom of the home page and click "Target Photo" under the Target Services list). Affiliated with Yahoo! photos. Their 5x7 folded cards are $1.45 each, 4x8 photo cards are $7.95/20 or $8.80/20 for in-store pickup. Nothing special here style-wise, and personally, I think the interface is very clumsy. Yahoo! is promising a new version of their photo storage, but as of today it pretty much sucks.

  • tiny*prints. Beautiful and unique and a bit expensive. Prices start at $42.25/25 for the 5x7 photo cards. These cards, however, are not printed on photo paper like most photo cards, but heavy cardstock. Use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS and receive 10% off your order through 12/6.

  • Costco (go to Costco site, then click the "Photo Center" link along the top). This site has a Snapfish interface, but not Snapfish pricing! Their 5x6 photo cards are $15.99/50, and $5.99/25 after that. Convenient, too, because you can pick them up at your local store. Not a lot of text will fit on the cards. They have Disney styles, including Mickey, Pooh, and Princesses. You must have a valid Costco membership to pick them up.

  • Mystic Color Lab. Yet another site with a Snapfish interface and Snoopy cards. The 4x8 cards are $12.99/20, 5x7 are $15.99/20, and they offer greeting cards in three sizes starting at 99 cents each.

  • The Front Door. This site's photo cards are all folded cards, though they come in different sizes and types of folds. Like other higher-priced sites, the styles they offer are unique and quite lovely. The lowest price appears to be $30.00/24 cards. Ten percent off your first order.

While there may be lots of other photo printing sites out there, this is my list. If you have any other good ideas, please share. And hey, if you don't send out a photo card for the holidays this year, it's not because I didn't tell you to.

I love you anyway.


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  1., where a certain young graduate's party invitations were designed and printed is a good one,too.


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