Nov. 25: The Legion of Pale

How do I love TiVo?
Let me count the ways...

TiVo lets me go to bed at a decent hour because I can sleep whilst it records all the fabulous TV that airs in the wee hours. Then I can watch it at a reasonable hour. Before TiVo, I had to stay up to watch late-night TV, and then I wouldn't get enough sleep and I'd yell at the kids a lot.

Ergo, TiVo makes me a better mom.

Alright, that might be pushing it a little.

If you haven't seen Pale Force on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, you're missing out. These are little animated webisodes starring that "pale fella" Jim Gaffigan (one of my favorite comedians) and Conan (also portrayed by Jim) as superheroes who fight crime with their paleness. And they shoot lasers from their nipples. Tooooooootally makes sense.

Honestly, the shows are pretty funny. Conan wets himself often, and really, what's funnier than an animated pants pee-er?

If you don't have TiVo and don't like to stay up late, check out the Pale Force web site to catch up on all the episodes.

Also, if you don't have TiVo, why not? Don't you listen to anything I say? Do you think I write all this stuff for my own entertainment? Huh?



  1. Yes, we're addicted to the DVR's in our house too. So much so that we have two (how could Taylor possibly fit all of her shows on our DVR??). Can't wait to see the annual animation arrive on the Manullang website! Gives me my one and only time to "Bah-hum-bug!" :)
    P.S. 12 days and counting to SFO!!!

  2. Lori, I'd like to see you smiling in at least SOME of the SFO pictures... though I heard you have difficulty expressing yourself lately. I'd love you even if you looked 43.

  3. Since my "assistance" I don't look a day over 41 1/2! So there. ;)


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