Nov. 29: I like to eat ham and jam and spam a lot

Have you gotten any of the "new" kinds of spam e-mails, the ones that are full of big unrelated words that are supposedly able to get past spam detectors? Here's an example:

"It articulates the various factors it has to take into account to make SL an attractive environment. newspapers that interviewed members of the public who feel lifting the ban opens the door for irritating noise and subsequent passenger stress. When web services erroneously over-report 'popularity' or 'relevancy' of a webpage, is that a material misrepresentation of a quality of the gamer's product?"

Needless to say (but of course, I do anyway), I hate these. I almost never get spam e-mail at my regular e-mail address because I'm careful with it, but occasionally these messages get through. It makes me go "grrrrr."

HOWEVER, today was an exception. Today I got a spam e-mail that made me go "ha ha ha ha ha" all the way home, because the subject line was so creative: "purgatory menorah."

I'll forward the message to you if you'd like. And yes, sometimes I am amused by the simplest of things. That is not to say I'm simple. Or easy. Ignore whatever else my seester might say, it ain't true.



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