Oct. 27: Stuff, I say!

There are some new things on the web site.

  • Presley pictures. She gets cuter every day, no?
  • Bissell family pictures. Lafe e-mailed them along with the news that there will be a new Bissell baby in February. It's supposed to be a boy, but I'm still encouraging them to name him "Jennifer."
  • Lassen family pictures. They went to Disneyland earlier this month. Although these pictures are adorable, Lori's holding onto an even better one for their Christmas card. Can't wait!
  • A few additions to the People We Like page
  • A new section for the PAA Class of 1986. I let our class web site die because the brilliant Mike Devitt couldn't figure out how to work it. Hopefully he'll find this page a bit easier to navigate.

Something that hasn't changed: this *#%&@! headache I've had now for five friggin' days. I hate it. It makes me want to die. It makes me want other people to die also, like the scientists who think it's more worthwhile to develop drugs like Viagra instead of an effective cure for my headache. When I'm able to sleep, I have these very strange hallucinationsas opposed to very normal hallucinationsand it takes a couple hours for me to shake them off. Believe it or not, I haven't even been taking any hard-core drugs (I would, if only those scientists would let some blood back in their brains so they could make me some!). So I don't know where all the psychotic stuff is coming from. I'm pretty sure, though, that I'm slowly going insane. And I'm taking you all with me.

Truly, I appreciate your sympathy.

So far the worst part of this is having to cancel the Halloween party we'd planned with our neighbors for tomorrow night. Katie and Jack are disappointed, but there's just no way I can fake my way through it. Even if I suddenly began to feel better right now, I haven't cleaned the house for five days, nor have I shopped for the ingredients for the Crusty Booger Nuggets I was planning to serve. There just ain't enough time for me to get everything ready, even with Vic's help. Even if my mom and Donna came and rescued me like they did a few years ago... still not enough time. It's that bad.

This morning was Jack's last soccer game of the season, possibly of his life, and he actually made a goal. I missed the game (dammit) but Vic took lots of pictures. If I have the energy to get them off the camera so I can compress and publish them, you can find some here. This next week is his team's pizza party and they'll finally get their coveted bobblehead soccer trophies for a job well done. Jack can hardly wait. Let's hope his name gets spelled correctly on it--one year Katie's said "Katie Manulliana."

Jack's next activity to hate: karate. I'm not counting on him dominating the dojo.

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