Oct. 31: Monthly summary

Books I read this month/culture I absorbed

  • Vic and I had tickets to see Camelot (starring Lou Diamond Phillips—ick!) but I had a killer headache so Wellington went in my place. They both enjoyed it.
  • Most of the books I picked up in October were holiday-related

Movies and TV shows worth mentioning

  • So far I haven’t watched any of the new shows on TV, but I’m enjoying the new episodes of my old favorites. Loved the season premiere of 30 Rock.
  • No movies in theaters

Special days I celebrated and how

Today is Halloween. I shall report tomorrow.

I was a sickie

  • Two headaches that lasted a whole friggin’ week each. The second one, last week, was a real killer and pretty much incapacitated me.
  • The yucky cold I had, which lasted just a couple days, was nothing compared to my noggin pains.

New recipes or restaurants I tried

It doesn’t involve a new recipe or a restaurant, but we went to a lovely dinner party with Vic’s cousin Ed and his wife, Bonnie. I like them very much.

Special or unusual purchases I made

  • Stuff for our neighborhood Halloween party
  • Halloween décor
  • Jack’s birthday party supplies

This month’s disappointments

  • One of my friends lost her beloved job. She could keep it if she moved to India but she does not want to move to India. She doesn’t live in an area where jobs like hers are plentiful, so she’s understandably worried about finding something she likes as much. Sucks.
  • We had to cancel our Halloween party because of that aforementioned migraine.

My accomplishments

  • I’m totally taking credit for good parent-teacher conferences we had with both our kids’ teachers this month
  • Katie started piano lessons. Alright, this isn’t my accomplishment, exactly, but it’s something of which I’m very proud.

Work stuff

  • I worked many days with my database clients
  • I started volunteering in Katie’s classroom. It’s a kick; I love getting to know some of Katie’s new friends and seeing how they all interact. I get to read individually with a few kids that are building their reading skills. It’s fun, even though I have to remind them often that verbal abuse is a form of help.
  • I agreed to be a co-room parent with The Other Lori. It ought to be fun to work on classroom stuff with her. The Other Lori’s son and Katie have gone to school together since preschool and are good pals.

Things I’ve figgered out

  • My kids’ classmates’ parents that don’t volunteer to help, even when The Other Lori and I beg them, are not very nice. I’m sorry. It needs to be said.
  • “Dancing Through Life,” one of the songs on the Wicked soundtrack, is how some people live every day. There are people who truly believe in the notion “life is fraughtless when you’re thoughtless.” Part of me envies them for being able to glide over things that stop me (and usually break my feet), but another part of me finds it sad—and in some cases, aggravating—that they never seem to feel anything. I probably don’t need to be this cryptic—the person/people I’m referring to have no idea they are this way and are probably not even aware of the Internet, much less my blog—but I’m too GD nice. (Right?)

Coming up next month

  • We’re going to see my favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan (no, Erin, he is not a televangelist)
  • The kids have a Fall Family Festival at school—basically a big ol’ carnival and raffle, etc.—that The Other Lori and I are working hard to prepare for. Anything for the PTO...
  • Jenna Graves is getting married
  • Pat Knudson is having a home blessing/housewarming party at her new place in Washougal
  • Katie and I are going to a Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes show
  • Jack’s turning 6 and we’re planning yet another pirate-themed party for him and his buddies
  • We’ll be giving thanks with Darlene and Wellington on Thanksgiving Day

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