Oct. 6: First, last, current

First things

  • First job: reader for an English teacher in high school

  • First screen name: JenPDX

  • First funeral: my grandma's

  • First pet: Skipper, a pekingese/pomeranian/chihuahua

  • First piercing: ears

  • First tattoo: none

  • First credit card: Nordstrom

  • First kiss: some guy at my eighth grade graduation that was kissing all the girls. Memorable because I didn't know him but he totally French-kissed me. Also memorable because he was totally cute; otherwise I woulda forced the memory out of my brain looooong ago.

  • First enemy: my sister

Last things

  • Last car ride: home from Jack's soccer game

  • Last kiss: Katie

  • Last movie watched: Star Wars Episode III

  • Last beverage drank: coffee

  • Last food consumed: handful of almonds

  • Last phone call: Jack's birthday party place called to confirm reservation

  • Last time showered: this morning

  • Last CD played: Spamalot soundtrack

  • Last web site visited: kgw.com

Now things

  • Single or taken: married but looking

  • Gender: mostly female

  • Birthday: Sept. 18

  • Sign: yield

  • Siblings: my former enemy, Kathy

  • Hair color: brown/gray

  • Eye color: blue

  • Shoe size: 8

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Wearing: jeans and a muddy hoodie (mushy soccer fields suck)

  • Drinking: nothing

  • Thinking about: taking a nap

  • Listening to: the washer

Now you go.

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  1. First Things
    First Job: Hardee's

    First Screen Name: rottlover

    First Funeral: my cousin Wade's

    First Pet: My cat Tigger

    First Piercing: Ears

    First Tattoo: None

    First Credit Card: Visa

    First Kiss: My older brother's friend

    First Enemy: Cheating Mary in junior high

    Last Things
    Last Car Ride: Home from church

    Last Kiss: Mathew

    Last Movie Watched: The Bourne Ultimatum

    Last Beverage Drank: OJ

    Last Food Consumed: Bowl of pesto and pasta

    Last Phone Call: Left voice mail for a friend regarding plans for tonight

    Last Time Showered: This afternoon

    Last CD Played: Josh Groban's Awake

    Last Web Site Visited: manullang.com (DUH!)

    Now Things
    Single or Taken: Married and looking at him

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: November 29th

    Sign: Sagittarius

    Siblings: Five (three brothers and two sisters)

    Hair Color: Brown (no gray)

    Eye Color: Brown

    Shoe Size: 8

    Height: 5'4"

    Wearing: Black pants and a button down shirt

    Drinking: Nothing

    Thinking About: Leaving for a party at my friend's house

    Listening To: Mathew and Aiden playing in the living room


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