Oct. 28: Very bad people

Whew. I’m feeling so much better now that my headache is gone. The best part is that now I can return to being a critical self-righteous beeyotch. Life is good.

You might remember that I find great amusement in Republicans getting caught (literally) with their pants down. I don’t reserve that joy just for the G.O.P.; it’s for anyone who claims to have all the answers and is then found doing exactly what they preach so viciously against. The most outspoken of these criminals—often Republicans—tend to have the most to be ashamed of.

That’s a lot of words to introduce a very simple—and disturbing—list. Armchair Subversive reveals hypocrisy of the most vile. I’m with my friend Sheila on how this kind of criminal should be punished: “Take anyone who ever hurt a child and do the following: 1. Do to each person all of the things that they did to hurt a child, [and] 2. Execute them in the most painful way possible.”

(Yes, I know liberals are not supposed to favor capital punishment. It’s one of my libertarian leanings. I will not apologize.)

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