Aug. 12: Pass the duct tape

baby The power cord on my laptop falls out of its socket on the power box thingie all the time. I usually don’t notice it’s happened until it’s been out for so long that my computer shuts off in the middle of writing my most profound blog post ever. This is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad fate to fall upon the world. So I fixed the problem; I cut thin strips of duct tape, wrapped it around the pluggy thingie, and now it’ll never fall out again.

I know. It’s an amazing thing, my intelligence.

However, I don’t fix everything with duct tape, and in fact, I use it more often for removing lint than anything else. But you probably know someone who thinks duct tape is the best way to repair just about everything. And to those people, I say HEY, YOU USED TO BE MARRIED TO MY MOM. I’m pretty sure that a-hole’s handiwork could be featured prominently on There, I Fixed It. Kludges + Jury Rigs. If I had photo evidence of his stupidity I’d submit it to the site. Unfortunately, my sister took every picture of him and sacrificed it in a fitting ceremony involving a few big meals and my downstairs toilet.


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