Aug. 2: I know; it’s about time

boring, blah, plain front door When we receive photo Christmas cards in December (or February—I’m looking at you, Devitts) I display them on the back of our front door. This way we can see lovely pictures of our friends and family frequently, and also show off to our visitors how very, very popular we are. It’s hard to take the cards down when the holiday season is over, not because I super-glue them to the door, but because it makes me sad. I don’t want to NOT see them anymore. I’m quite sure that people think I leave the cards up because I’m lazy—kind of the indoor equivalent of leaving one’s Christmas lights hanging on the eaves—but I assure you that while I am indeed lazy, that has very little to do with this particular habit. Typically I finally take them down before spring hits. This year was an exception.

It’s August now, and until this morning, those pictures were still up. I don’t know why I enjoyed them so much more this year; maybe it’s because we have some incredibly beautiful friends and family. The main reason I took the cards down today is that my mom is coming Tuesday and I want her to see that I’ve actually done something around the house since her last visit. Also, um… it’s August. But I did NOT finally grow tired of seeing the smiling faces of our friends and family in their holiday best.

I already miss you all. Our door is boring. And I’m feeling a little unloved.




  1. hmmm ... maybe I should send you an early fall card and then I could be the only photo card adorning your door until Christmas!

  2. I turn them into magnets and post them on the fridge. And then little by little I take a couple down. I just took down all but two today.


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