Aug. 20: Good news, eh?

mapleleaf When we went to Vancouver, B.C. last year to celebrate April’s and my 40th birthdays, we looked into taking the train because HELLO, it’d be way nicer to let someone else do all that driving. Unfortunately, the only way to get from Portland to Vancouver via Amtrak is to take two different trains, and the way they’re scheduled means you have to spend the night in Seattle. How much does that suck? I mean, I love Seattle, but the cost of travel gets up there near airfare when you factor in two hotel stays. Never mind, thankyouverymuch. We let Jim drive instead. Lucky Jim.

There have been rumors for a while now that Amtrak was going to add another train to make the travel take just one day, or make a direct route between Portland and Vancouver. And today the announcement was made. Hooray! My Amtrak travel experience is limited—my longest trip was Pendleton-Denver and back—but the trains around here are much cleaner than, say, every European train ever. Except for the Chunnel train; that one was pretty nice. Anyway, this news makes me happy happy happy because this is definitely something from which we will benefit.

The train leaves Vancouver pretty early in the morning, which sucks, but it’s still a better option than before.

Now I can hardly wait to go to Canada again—gotta stock up on caffeine-free Mountain Dew and those yummy Coffee Crisp bars. If I didn’t have a codeine allergy I’d get a bunch of 222’s too, because they sound like something I would otherwise enjoy very, very much.



  1. I've never been to Canada but always wanted to. Consider me hugely jealous right now. :)

  2. I'm curious about caffeine-free Dew... why? I thought the whole point of Mt. Dew is the kick... And if I'd known you were a Coffee Crisp fan (again with the caffeine... do they have a free version of those?), I'd have sent you some ages ago... we kind of have a lifetime supply around our house...

  3. Sherilee, the caffeine-free Mt. Dew thing is a Health Canada law; non-cola drinks have to be non-caffeinated unless they're classified as energy drinks. As for the Coffee Crisp, I occasionally pick up a bar or six at Cost Plus so I haven't gotten too desperate yet. But thanks! :)

  4. Can't believe it's almost been a year since taking off to the great white north! I still feel bad about walking you guys back from Granville Island on that scary street!


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