Aug. 3: Move by bike

My friend Curt moved from close-in SE Portland to North Portland this past weekend. He invited his cyclist friends to join him with their trailers and carts to pack up his things and parade together the couple of miles between the two places. Apparently this is a very Portland-y thing to do—move by bike—but that did not stop me from making fun of him.

And somehow, in the process of making fun, I ended up offering our minivan to help with things that couldn’t be moved by bike. I really must learn to keep my big, fat, mocking, shrieking mouth shut.

I met up with Curt yesterday at his old place, we loaded the van, and didn’t so much parade as drive up to NoPo. Technically, I can say I helped Curt move, but I really did very, very little. So the fact that I’m not in the video below is fair, because I wasn’t actually there for the move-by-bike part of the move. But I still think it’s cool that Curt’s little scam to get his friends to help him move got written up in several local blogs and news sites.

Lots more pictures and words at The Path Less Pedaled.


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