Aug. 4: Like unimaginative Mad Libs

Everyone knows the names of Snow White’s seven little friends (descriptions are straight from that always-reliable source, Wikipedia):

  1. Bashful (the shyest of the dwarfs, and is often embarrassed by the presence of any attention directed at him)
  2. Doc (the leader of the seven dwarves, Doc wears glasses and often mixes up his words)
  3. Dopey (the only dwarf that does not have a beard. He is clumsy and mute, with Happy explaining that he has simply “never tried to speak.”)
  4. Grumpy (Grumpy initially disapproves of Snow White’s presence in the dwarfs’ home, but later warns her of the threat posed by the Queen and rushes to her aid upon realizing that she is in danger, leading the charge himself. He is frequently seen with one eye shut.)
  5. Happy (the joyous dwarf and usually portrayed laughing)
  6. Sleepy (always tired and appears laconic in most situations)
  7. Sneezy (his name is earned by his extraordinarily powerful sneezes, caused by hay fever, which are seen blowing objects, including his brothers, across a room)

But did you know (again, according to Wikipedia), the rejected dwarf names for Snow White? They are—and remember that this film was released in 1937, when many of these might have had different meanings than they do nowadays:

  1. Awful
  2. Baldy
  3. Biggo-Ego
  4. Biggy
  5. Biggy-Wiggy
  6. Blabby
  7. Burpy
  8. Busy
  9. Chesty
  10. Cranky
  11. Daffy
  12. Dippy
  13. Dirty
  14. Dizzy
  15. Doleful
  16. Flabbysnow white
  17. Gabby
  18. Gloomy
  19. Goopy
  20. Graceful
  21. Helpful
  22. Hoppy
  23. Hotsy
  24. Hungrey
  25. Jaunty
  26. Jumpy
  27. Lazy
  28. Neurtsy
  29. Nifty
  30. Puffy
  31. Sappy
  32. Scrappy
  33. Shifty
  34. Silly
  35. Sleazy
  36. Sneezy-Wheezy
  37. Sniffy
  38. Snoopy
  39. Soulful
  40. Strutty
  41. Stuffy
  42. Tearful
  43. Thrifty
  44. Tipsy
  45. Titsy
  46. Tubby
  47. Weepy
  48. Wistful
  49. Woeful

surly duffAnd then there are my favorite pseudo-Disney characters, the Seven Duffs from The Simpsons:

  1. Tipsy
  2. Queasy
  3. Surly
  4. Sleazy
  5. Edgy
  6. Dizzy
  7. Remorseful

I could potentially portray any number of irritating-as-hell sidekicks in a film, but I believe the descriptions of these characters would best fit my demeanor this evening: Cranky, Edgy, Flabby, Happy, Strutty, and Surly. Possibly Neurtsy, if I knew what that word meant.

What about you?


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  1. I think I know what neurtsy is and I definitely qualify!!


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