Aug. 18: Jack’s new ride

Last fall we knew it was time for Jack to have a new bike, but we wanted to wait until this year to get it, y’know, just in case he went through a tremendous growth spurt over the winter. As soon as the weather Giant boy on a teensy bikestarted to improve this past spring Jack started asking when he was getting his new bike. We kept putting him off; there were always other projects going and things keeping us busy and other reasons we didn’t want to take him to the store, like having to walk past the Lego aisle and the Wii games and other things he always always always asks for.

Several times we tried to talk him into taking Katie’s bike. We promised to paint it for him. Vic suggested that where it says “SeaStar,” he could paint over the “Sea” and then Sharpie the word “Wars” after “Star.” Jack soooo did not go for that. smiley

So far this summer he’s been riding the too-small bike, and we chuckle because he looks so little on it, like Homer Simpson riding a tricycle in clown college. The real push to finally go shopping, though, was when he wore a big hole in his tire on Saturday. Jack and his weird friends think it’s super-cool to ride really fast and then brake really hard, and we’re pretty sure that’s how the tire wore all the way through. (Look at the pic above and guess which tire is the flat one. And no helmet? I know, but he really just sat on the bike so I could take his picture. It’s not exactly ride-able anymore.)

Sunday morning Victor and Jack trekked over to Toys R Us and came home with a big-boy bike that Jack chose all by himself. It’s got hand brakes and everything! Now he looks so little because the bike is not just taller, but longer than his other one. This is one proud little man, finally having the right sized bike with which to race his friends. The weather here is usually good enough for bike-riding through October or so—pa-lenty of time to learn to wear through his tires with hand brakes, as well as break bones and get road rash. Yay.

Happy boy

Oh sure, he loves the bike now. But he’s gonna hate when we add the big orange flag and white plastic flower-festooned basket and spoke lights. And then wrap him in bubble wrap. And kisses.



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