Jul. 19: I met Alex! Again!

Once upon a time, coming up on almost 14 years ago, I met a boy who was adorable and sweet. He was brand new and belonged to my friend Kim F’n. I saw him again a few months later when I got married and he came to my wedding, where he probably cried a little and stole some of my bridal thunder. Then I didn’t see him again for a long time, until Jack was born and Kim brought her boys to the hospital to meet him. And then it was a long time again.

But today I got to see him!

In fact, we even texted beforehand, just to get to re-know each other a little. And I told him a secret that he wasn’t supposed to tell his mom, but I know he totally told her anyway because she would be mean if he kept a secret from her and he knows that. He’s a good boy.

Oh, and I put on a little lipstick in anticipation of his and Kim’s arrival at my house this afternoon:

Meet Alex!

(That’s me in the lipstick. Alex is not wearing lipstick. I would hate for you to get us confused.)

We had a lovely visit and I’m glad to say Alex is just as charming today as he was the day he was born, possibly even more so. Of course, we would expect nothing less of Kim’s offspring, now, would we?

Kim was pretty cool today too. AS USUAL. Kim is always rockin’ awesome, even when she yells at me on Facebook and tries to make me feel bad. I love her even though I’m suspicious she has chickens roaming her house.

But perhaps most important of all, I must explain that the reason my eyes look the way they do in the picture above is because Kim said, “Hang on, I’m gonna take your picture. Now, look directly into the sun for five minutes and then I’ll press the button.”

She is sooo paying for my eye repair. Also, I’m suddenly out of lipstick. Weird, huh?

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  1. I love that you are rockin' the lipstick! Fab-u-lous. Bee-oo-tee-ful.


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