Jul. 31: Big news for Kath

Today’s my sister’s birthday, and I decided it was a good time to honor her on my blog, as well as reveal a truth her family has hidden from her for her entire life:

These are your real parents:


I’m glad you were able to grow up surrounded by us good-lookin’ folk. Although who knows, you could’ve won a whole wagon-load of Clean Barn Awards if you’d been raised by hayseeds.

Anyway, I’m almost done with your birthday cake. How many candles do you put on a cake for someone as old as you who’s finally learning the truth about her origins? Wikipedia is so not helpful with these matters.


Still trying to figger out how to get that damn kitten to keep quiet inside the cake. He’s all “mew mew mew” like he can’t breathe or something. He also keeps popping out with the sign upside down, or sideways, and sometimes not at all. Sheesh, animals.

Please know that regardless of the trouble I’m having with your cake and finding decent photos of your real mom and dad, my birthday wishes for you are sincere. If this is actually your birthday, that is. No one really knows for sure. I love you, “sister!”

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