Jul. 11: The Boy has learned a trade

Today Victor offered Jack the chance to help him mow the lawn in the backyard. His buddy Mack gets to do it with his dad, so Jack’s been bugging Vic about it for a while. When the lawn mower is bigger than the person pushing it, and the sun is beating down on the yard, conditions aren’t exactly prime for a patient training session, though. I took pictures from on high (Jack’s bedroom window):




Victor only took his hands off the lawn mower a few times, much to Jack’s frustration, but he had a really hard time pushing it all on his own. I’m just thankful that both of them still have all their limbs intact—it looked iffy for a while (that’s when I was too busy screaming GET AWAY FROM THE MOWER to take pictures).

The Boy has mowed his first lawn, yes, but PLEASE, no phone calls. I don’t think he’ll be starting that landscaping service any time soon.


  1. Congrats to you and Victor on your future landscaper in the family. ;o)

  2. Wow. I've never had my boy ask to mow. Not once. Completely the opposite, in fact. You can send Jack up this direction any time.

  3. If there had been photography at the time I mowed my first lawn, you would have seen that it was under duress and the temperature was at least 120 degrees (you could tell by the fact that any window glass showing in the photo would be melting and/or shattered.
    TREASURE willing lawn mowing for the short while you have it!


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