Jul. 8: I shot some birds

The fountain in our front yard is more than a calming bubbler and my runner friends’ bidet. It is also a water source for birds. Lots of birds. Like, so many birds that if there were even one more I’d get all freaky-screamy-weird.

I don’t love birds. It’s neat to see them hang out on our fountain, though. Most of them are cute, small birds. I have yet to see the heron that lives in the marsh behind us check in for a visit; that’s exactly why we won’t be adding a pond and fish to our tiny little water feature.

This afternoon I stood outside watching the birds enjoying the sunshine, and in three minutes, four different birds came by for a drink. I grabbed my camera, set up a chair on the front porch, and zoomed in on the fountain.

I was all ready for the next visitors.

I sat quietly and waited.

It didn’t take long until I was shooting away.

These yellow birds are really cute. Here’s a close up.

I’d say they’re the type that come by most often. They’re little and chirpy and if Millie ever brings one in, we’ll be very upset with her.

We see these birds occasionally too; they’re bigger than the yellow ones and sorta bossy.

They’re also quite pretty. I love this guy’s mask, and I think their coloring is gorgeous.

These are always the most exciting to me: the hummingbirds. My photo doesn’t capture the brilliant, shimmery emerald green feathers on this little dude’s back, but I promise, this is a beautiful bird. (For a bird, that is.)

Creepy little feet, though.

Close up #1:

And from another shot, another close up view of Mr. Hummingbird:


  1. That is a fabulous shot of the hummingbird! Love it.

    FYI, I wasn't a bird type in my younger years, and still wouldn't categorize myself too strongly THAT way, but I do appreciate them more and more over time... maybe someday you and I will join the Audubon Society and go on bird walks. No? Too far? OK.

  2. Jen E, the bidet thing is (I hope!) a joke. Mostly just threats that our fountain is very convenient while on a run through our neighborhood...


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