Jul. 9: IDCEAYWTPFriday

It’s Friday, and that means you get a post called I Don’t Care Enough About You to Write in Transitioning Paragraphs Friday.

  • Summer has definitely arrived in the Northwest. It’s been near 100° here in Portland for several days now. I’m not complaining (because we have air conditioning) but it’s strange after our long Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad spring. I have to get used to getting all sweaty every time I go outdoors. And YES, I had to tell you that.
  • Jack has been at my mom’s since Monday. The house is so quiet without all his heavy sighs of “I’m bored!” and the constant bickering between him and Katie and their friends. Jack will come back tomorrow, and then Katie will be gone for a week.
  • Katie and I saw Toy Story 3 the other day. We liked it. Did you know that Sid—that bratty neighbor kid in the first movie—is the garbage man in #3? There are all sorts of hidden things like that in the movie. Here’s a nice, long list of them.
  • We were hoping to get started on dismantling the playroom and setting up our office this week—it always seems easier with fewer people in the house; why is that?—but Victor was working a late shift and with the heat, neither of us had the energy to do much in the evenings. The only important thing we got done was the one thing we’d promised Jack would happen while he was away: we took down his loft bed and gave him a regular bed again. That ought to make him happier than seeing our new office anyway.
  • Katie came home with these shirts after a shopping trip with Grandma yesterday:


    I know, I know… Sunshine and Dina are probably laughing their asses off about the werewolves one. I curse that damn Justice store and all their graphic tees! And I might possibly have to curse my mother-in-law for purchasing these two. Bieber Fever. Gah.
  • Last week Sherilee linked to a hilarious site called Catalog Living—“a look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.” You gotta read through it a little to get the gist, but everything I’ve seen so far is chuckle-worthy.
  • You know what I’m tired of eating? Leftover party food. Thank goodness it’s almost gone.
  • I need this print for my kitchen. I do. I have the perfect place for it.

  • Here are the top 50 iPhone apps for moms, according to The iPhone Mom. Less than half of her favorite apps are useful to me, but I’m giving some of her recommendations a try. Of the ones she likes best, I already had iRewardChart, which I love, and Red Laser, which is sometimes handy, plus a few others here and there. I’m so glad Potty Predictor isn’t something I need. So, so glad.
  • Here is something I love:

  • And this is something I do not love: I’m going to a funeral tomorrow. I hate funerals, especially the ones for people who were too young to die. A friend’s brother passed away last week after fighting liver cancer two separate times. For those of you who went to WWC/U and remember Aser, Kary was his brother-in-law.
  • Yikes. I don’t want to end my IDCEAYWTPFriday post on that bummer of a note. Let’s see… okay, here’s something. I took pictures of the birds who came to drink at our fountain yesterday, and I took pictures of some of our flowers too. Here’s one of our bellflower plants that is LOVING the sun these days:

    Those are some sea thrift blossoms peeking in behind. I like those too; they bloom for months and months. We have lots of color in the front yard right now, and when the sun shines right on it, it really comes alive. So cheery.

Victor is home (on call) today, so we’re going to enjoy the day together. Buh-bye, and have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. I just started reading Catalog Living, too. Funny stuff!


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